Milwaukee, WI
Bradley Center
September 2, 2002
- Eric Bischoff awarded Triple H with the Raw-exclusive World Heavyweight Title as payback for Stephanie McMahon making WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar a Smackdown!-exclusive talent

Survivor Series 02
New York City, NY
Madison Square Garden
November 17, 2002
- Shawn Michaels defeated World Heavyweight Champion Triple H, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho, and Kane in an Elimination Chamber match to win the title at 39:21; Booker pinned RVD with a missile dropkick at 13:38 immediately after RVD hit the Five Star Frog Splash off the top of one of the chambers, with one of RVD's knees landing across Triple H's throat as he landed; Jericho pinned Booker with the Lionsault at 17:41; Jericho pinned Kane with the Lionsault after Kane sustained both Michaels' superkick and the Pedigree at 22:54; Michaels pinned Jericho with the superkick at 30:43 as Jericho had the Walls of Jericho applied on Triple H; Michaels pinned Triple H with the superkick after reversing the Pedigree into a backdrop; prior to the bout, Eric Bischoff came out and cut an in-ring promo inside the chamber, detailing what the chamber was created of and the rules of the match; during Jericho's entrance, Saliva performed "King of My World" live from The World; Ric Flair escorted Triple H to the ring prior to the match (Michaels' in-ring return to MSG after a 4 year absence)

Armageddon 02
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Office Depot Center
December 15, 2002
- Triple H defeated World Heavyweight Champion Shawn Michaels in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match to win the title at 38:33; fall #1 - Triple H pinned Michaels in a hardcore match at 20:35 with the Pedigree after clipping the championís injured leg; fall #2 - Michaels pinned Triple H in a steel cage match at 31:05 following a splash off the top of the cage through a table set up in the ring after hitting the superkick on both the challenger and an interfering Ric Flair, who returned ringside mid-way through the fall after being ejected before the match; after the fall, a bloody Flair was helped backstage by referees; fall #3 - Triple H defeated Michaels in a ladder match after knocking the champion off the ladder - sending him over the top rope through three tables set up outside the ring

Unforgiven 03 (Raw)
Hershey, PA
Giant Center
September 21, 2003
- Bill Goldberg pinned World Heavyweight Champion Triple H at 14:53 to win the title with the spear and Jackhammer, as the champion attempted to hit Goldberg with his sledgehammer while referee Earl Hebner was knocked down on the floor; pre-match stipulations stated Goldberg could win the title on a disqualification or count-out but if he lost he would have to leave WWE

Armageddon 03 (Raw)
Orlando, FL
TD Waterhouse Center
December 14, 2003
- Triple H defeated Kane and World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg to win the title at 19:30 by pinning Goldberg after Kane hit the chokeslam on the champion and was pulled out to the floor by Batista; earlier in the bout, both Ric Flair and Randy Orton interfered on behalf of Triple H but were beaten down by Goldberg; after the contest, Evolution posed with all four of their newly-won championship belts on the entrance stage

WrestleMania XX
New York City, NY
Madison Square Garden
March 14, 2004
- Chris Benoit defeated World Heavyweight Champion Triple H and Shawn Michaels to win the title at 24:07 when Triple H submitted to the Crippler Crossface; after the bout, Eddie Guerrero came out to congratulate Benoit and was followed soon thereafter by Benoit's family

Summer Slam 04
Toronto, Ontario
Air Canada Centre
August 15, 2004
- Randy Orton pinned World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit to win the title at 20:09 with the RKO after avoiding the Crippler Crossface; after the bout, Benoit returned to the ring to offer his hand in congratulations to the new champion with Orton then shaking it

Unforgiven (Raw)
Portland, OR
Rose Garden
September 12, 2004
- Triple H pinned World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton to win the title at 24:45 after Triple H hit the champion over the head with a chair shot and followed with a Pedigree onto the same chair, with Batista pushing referee Earl Hebner into the ring to make the count, moments after Orton fought off an interfering Batista and Ric Flair; late in the bout, Hebner was knocked to the floor, which prompted Flair and Batista to come to the ring; Orton fought off both, knocking them to the floor; moments later, Jonathan Coachman came down as a replacement referee only to receive the RKO from Orton minutes later

12/6/04: The title was held up following a controversial triple threat match in Baltimore featuring Chris Benoit, Edge, and Triple H on 11/29/04. The conclusion of the bout saw Edge tap out to Benoit's Crippler Crossface at the same time Edge had Benoit pinned for the 3-count. On 12/13/04 it was announced that an Elimination Chamber match would be held to determine the rightful title-holder. The participants would include Triple H, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Edge, and Batista.

New Year's Revolution
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Coliseo De Puerto Rico
January 9, 2005
- Triple H (w/ Ric Flair) defeated Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Batista, and Edge in an Elimination Chamber match at 34:45; Jericho pinned Edge with the Lionsault at 19:19 after guest referee Shawn Michaels hit the superkick on Edge, moments after Edge accidentally hit the spear on Michaels; the chamber was briefly opened after a cameraman was injured when Batista threw Jericho into him, knocking the cameraman backwards into the chain link cage; Batista pinned Benoit at 26:15 with a spinebuster and then hitting a spinebuster on Jericho onto Benoit's body; Batista pinned Jericho with a powerslam and the sit-down powerbomb at 27:36; Orton pinned Batista with a low blow and the RKO at 32:30, with Triple H seemingly opting not to break the cover as he watched from the corner of the ring; Triple H pinned Orton with the Pedigree after Batista hit a clothesline on Orton as Michaels was distracted by an interfering Flair; due to pre-match stipulations, Triple H won the vacant World Heavyweight Championship; after the bout, Batista lifted Triple H on his shoulders in celebration, with Flair giving the new champion two thumbs up

WrestleMania 21
Los Angeles, CA
Staples Center
April 3, 2005
- Batista pinned World Heavyweight Champion Triple H (w/ Ric Flair) with the sit-down powerbomb to win the title at 21:34; prior to the bout, Motorhead sang the champion to the ring

- Batista was drafted from Raw to Smackdown! on June 27, 2005 during a Smackdown! taping in Anaheim, CA.

- Batista vacated the title during an in-ring segment in Philadelphia on January 10, 2006 after suffering an injury during a match with Mark Henry two days earlier. Smackdown! GM Teddy Long announced that the championship would be decided in a battle royal to be held later that night.

Philadelphia, PA
Wachovia Center
January 10, 2006
- Kurt Angle (w/ Daivari) (surprise participant) won a battle royal by last eliminating Mark Henry (w/ Melina) at 24:59; other participants included: Matt Hardy, Bobby Lashley, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, Super Crazy, Psychosis, Simon Dean, Road Warrior Animal, Orlando Jordan; WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury, Sylvan, John Bradshaw Layfield, Rey Mysterio Jr., Nunzio, Paul Birchill, William Regal, and Vito; order of elimination: JBL by Angle via a clothesline at the 9-second mark after a German suplex; Vito by Angle at the 13-second mark via a backdrop; Animal by Henry via a clothesline at 2:48; Dean by Regal & Birchill via a double backdrop (during commercial break); Nunzio by MNM via a modified Snapshot to the floor at 7:23; Jordan by Angle at 7:43 after a German suplex; Regal by Angle at 7:55; Crazy (off camera); Birchill by Angle at 8:00 via a belly to belly suplex; London by Lashley at 8:27; London by Lashley at 8:46; Psychosis by Lashley via a overhead backbreaker throw; Lashley by Henry via a kick as Lashley stood on the apron at 10:40; Kendrick by Henry at 10:47; Sylvan by Hardy via a Twist of Fate across the top rope at 15:19; Hardy by Henry via a throw after blocking a Twist of Fate attempt at 15:28; Nitro by Mysterio via a headscissors as MNM attempted to eliminate Mysterio at 15:40; Mercury by Mysterio via a headscissors at 15:48; Mysterio by Henry via a throw after catching Mysterio in a springboard at 18:16; Angle eliminated Henry with a leg choke, pulling Henry out over the top; at around the 10-minute mark, Henry press slammed Angle through the announce table, taking him out for several minutes; due to pre-match stipulations, Angle won the vacant World Heavyweight Championship

WrestleMania 22
Chicago, IL
AllState Arena
April 2, 2006
- Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle and Randy Orton to win the title at 9:25 by pinning Orton with the 619 and West Coast Pop; prior to the bout, POD performed "Booyaka 619" during Mysterio's entrance; after the match, Mysterio was congratulated on the entrance stage by Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Vickie Guerrero

Great American Bash 06
Indianapolis, IN
Conseco Fieldhouse
July 23, 2006
- Booker T pinned World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio Jr. to win the title at 16:48 when Chavo Guerrero Jr. came out as referee Nick Patrick was knocked out on the floor and hit the champion over the head with a steel chair, which Booker brought in the ring moments earlier; Sharmell was in the challenger's match but was ejected at the 10-minute mark; after the bout, Sharmell returned to the ring and repeatedly said "All hail, King Booker" over the mic

Survivor Series 06
Phialdelphia, PA
Wachovia Center
November 26, 2006
- Batista pinned World Heavyweight Champion Booker T (w/ Sharmell) to win the title at 13:58 after hitting Booker with the title belt behind the referee's back after Booker attempted to knock the challenger out with the weapon; prior to the bout, Teddy Long came out and said - in addition to the prior stipulation where this would be Batista's last shot at the title - if Booker got himself counted-out or disqualified then he would be stripped of the belt and it would be awarded to Batista

WrestleMania 23
Detroit, MI
Ford Field
April 1, 2007
- The Undertaker pinned World Heavyweight Champion Batista to win the title at 15:48 with the tombstone after ramming the champion into the corner; Teddy Long introduced both men to the ring before the match; the ECW announce table was destroyed during the match

Pittsburgh, PA
Mellon Arena
May 8, 2007
- Edge pinned World Heavyweight Champion the Undertaker with the spear at 1:24 to win the title; after the bout, Edge returned to the ring and hit Taker across the face with the Money in the Bank briefcase

7/17/07: Edge was forced to vacate the title following a torn pectoral muscle he sustained on 7/10.

Laredo, TX
Entertainment Center
July 17, 2007
- The Great Khali won a 20-man battle royal by last eliminating Batista & Kane at 24:04; order of elimination: Brett & Brian Majors by Mark Henry after throwing one into the other (1:30); Shannon Moore by Khali (1:50); Sho Funaki by Khali (1:59); Henry by WWE Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero Jr., Dave Taylor, Jamie Noble, Chris Masters, Eugene, Kenny Dykstra, Batista, Finlay, WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Champions Deuce & Domino (w/ Cherry), Matt Hardy, WWE US Champion MVP, & Jimmy Wang Yang (6:31); Deuce by Batista (10:18); Domino by Batista (10:19); Taylor eliminated himself after Batista ducked a charge (10:21); Noble by Batista & Kane (11:02); Eugene by Batsita & Kane (11:19); Dykstra by Masters via a backdrop (17:05); MVP by Hardy (18:09); Masters by Chavo & Yang (18:59); Chavo by Yang via a headscissors (19:10); Yang by Hornswaggle, pulling Yang off the ring apron (20:59); Hardy by Khali via a kick (21:25); Finlay by Batista (22:42); Kane & Batista by Khali (24:04); due to pre-match stipulations, Khali won the vacant world heavyweight title; after the bout, Runjin Singh came out to celebrate with Khali, with Teddy Long then presenting Khali the title in the ring

Unforgiven 07
Memphis, TN
Fed Ex Forum
September 16, 2007
- Batista defeated World Heavyweight Champion the Great Khali and Rey Mysterio Jr. to win the title at 8:02 by pinning Khali with a spinebuster after hitting a powerbomb on Mysterio onto Khali - following a seated senton by Mysterio onto Khali - and then shoving Mysterio out of the ring; moments later, Triple H congratulated Batista backstage

Armageddon 07
Pittsburgh, PA
Mellon Arena
December 16, 2007
- Edge defeated World Heavyweight Champion Batista and the Undertaker to win the title in a No DQ match at 13:02 by pinning Batista after twice hitting Taker with a steel chair after Batista sustained the tombstone; Michael Cole & Tazz, subbing for John Bradshaw Layfield, provided commentary for the bout; mid-way through the match, Edge rang the ring bell as Batista was caught in Taker's triangle choke, distracting Taker enough to break the hold; late in the bout, two men dressed as Edge appeared from underneath the ring and aided in distracting Batista and Taker

WrestleMania 24
Orlando, FL
Citrus Bowl
March 30, 2008
- The Undertaker defeated World Heavyweight Champion Edge via submission to win the title at 23:48 with the leglock choke as Edge attempted a cover on the challenger after hitting the spear; during the champion's entrance, Teddy Long wheeled Vickie Guerrero onto the entrance stage where she kissed Edge good luck; during the final moments of the match, Curt Hawkins & Zach Ryder attempted to interfere on behalf of the champion but were easily fought off by Taker

One Night Stand 08
San Diego, CA
Sports Arena
June 1, 2008
- Edge defeated the Undertaker in a TLC match at 23:21 after shoving Taker off the top of the ladder and sending him through several tables set up in the aisle; pre-match stipulations stated the winner would earn the vacant World Heavyweight Title and that Taker would be banned from the WWE if he lost; Curt Hawkins & Zach Ryder interfered on be half of Edge at the 17-minute mark and Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Bam Neely interfered on behalf of Edge at the 21-minute mark; after the contest, Edge, Hawkins, Ryder, Guerrero, & Neely celebrated at the entranceway, with Vickie Guerrero then appearing and hugging the new champion; after they all left ringside, Taker struggled to his feet and walked backstage as the show came to a close

Oklahoma City, OK
Ford Center
June 30, 2008
- CM Punk pinned World Heavyweight Champion Edge to win the title in an unscheduled match at the 12-second mark with the Go To Sleep; prior to the bout, Edge cut an in-ring promo noting Raw didn't have a world champion or general manager; as he went to leave ringside, Edge was confronted by Batista, who attacked Edge in and out of the ring before dropping him with the sit-down powerbomb; after Batista left ringside, Punk appeared to cash in his Money in the Bank title shot

Unforgiven 08
Cleveland, OH
Quicken Loans Arena
September 7, 2008
- Chris Jericho (sub. for World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk) defeated Batista, Kane, and Rey Mysterio Jr. in a Championship Scramble to win the title at 17:18; order of entry: Batista (0:00); JBL (0:00); Kane (4:28); Mysterio (8:18); Jericho (13:07); decisions: Kane pinned JBL with the chokeslam (7:22); Batista pinned Kane with a spinebuster (16:41); Jericho pinned Kane as Batista fought with Mysterio (17:09)

Cyber Sunday 08
Phoenix, AZ
US Airways Center
October 26, 2008
- Batista pinned World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho to win the title at 17:08 with the spinebuster and sit-down powerbomb after Jericho shoved guest referee Steve Austin into the corner as Austin attempted the Stunner on the champion; Austin was chosen as the referee with 74% of the vote, beating Orton (4%) and Shawn Michaels (22%); early in the match, Jericho attempted to get himself counted-out but Austin ruled that if he did get counted-out or disqualified then Batista would win the title; Michaels briefly took over officiating at the 15-minute mark after Austin was knocked to the floor but John Bradshaw Layfield interfered and laid Michaels out on the floor with the Clothesline from Hell before leaving ringside; moments later, Orton jumped Austin as he was getting back in the ring and took over officiating until Austin eventually dropped Orton with the Stunner; after the bout, Batista and Austin shared a beer

Tampa, FL
St. Pete Times Forum
November 3, 2008
- Chris Jericho defeated World Heavyweight Champion Batista to win the title in a steel cage match at 15:32 by escaping over the top, moments after hitting the champion repeatedly in the head with a piece of the cage

Survivor Series 08
Boston, MA
TD Banknorth Garden
November 23, 2008
- John Cena pinned World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho to win the title at 21:21 with the FU after lifting Jericho off the mat from an inside cradle position; after the bout, Cena hugged his father at ringside and celebrated with friends and family

No Way Out 09
Seattle, WA
Key Arena
February 15, 2009
- Edge (sub. for Kofi Kingston) defeated World Heavyweight Champion John Cena, Kane, Mike Knox, Rey Mysterio Jr., and Chris Jericho to win the title in an Elimination Chamber match at 29:49; Mysterio pinned Kane at 9:40 with a senton off the top of a pod, moments after Kane sustained Mysterio's 619 and Jericho's Code Breaker; Jericho pinned Knox with the Code Breaker at 14:44; Edge pinned Cena at 22:22 with the spear after Cena sustained Jericho's Code Breaker and Mysterio's 619; Mysterio pinned Jericho by reversing the Walls of Jericho into a roll up at 23:54; prior to the bout, Edge attacked Kingston from behind as Kingston made his entrance, laid him across the ring steps, and hit a Con-Chair-Two; moments later, Edge jumped in the ring and barricaded himself inside one of the pods as Mysterio came out to tend to Kingston, who was then helped backstage by officials

WrestleMania 25
Houston, TX
Reliant Stadium
April 5, 2009
- John Cena defeated World Heavyweight Champion Edge and the Big Show to win the title at 14:44 by pinning Show after dropping Show with the FU and then dropping Edge with the FU on top of Show; prior to the bout, several dozen men dressed as Cena lined the aisle to the tune of Cena's "Basic Thuganomics" and did the "You can't see me" hand sign until Cena made his entrance to "My Time is Now;" after the bout, Cena celebrated into the crowd

Backlash 09
Providence, RI
Dunkin Donuts Center
April 26, 2009
- Edge defeated World Heavyweight Champion John Cena in a last man standing match to win the title at 28:25 after the Big Show interfered, as Cena had Edge hoisted for an FU on the stage, and threw Cena into a nearby spotlight, causing an explosion; after the bout, referees, officials, Cryme Tyme, and ECW World Champion Christian tended to Cena, with Cena being fitted with a neckbrace and put on a stretcher