Fayetteville, NC
August 14 - 15, 2004

After the success of the initial fanfest in January, wrestling fans and legends alike returned to the Carolinas 7 months later for more meeting and greeting. Mick Foley, members of the original 4 Horsemen, Mr. Wrestling II, David Flair, Magnum TA, the Rock 'n' Roll Express, Baby Doll, Sensational Sherri, Nikita and Ivan Koloff, Steve Corino, and Ricky Steamboat were just some of the many stars who were on hand during the weekend festivities.

Terry Taylor surprises Magnum TA and Mick Foley at the autograph table

Bob Caudle, Jimmy 'Jam' Garvin, Precious, and George South after the first autograph session

Scotty Riggs talks with a fan at one of the many vendor tables

Tully Blanchard answers a question from a fan as Baby Doll looks on

Gary Michael Cappetta, JJ Dillon, Tully Blanchard, and Baby Doll stand for a photo op following a very emotional Q&A session

My friend Brian with "The Perfect 10" Baby Doll

Me and former WWWF / WCW ring announcer Gary Michael Cappetta

Bill Apter speaks with Ricky Morton during the second Saturday night Q&A

Recreating the museum scene in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"

Larry Zbyzsko, Nikita Koloff, Ivan Koloff, Ole Anderson, JJ Dillon, Baby Doll, and Tully Blanchard just prior to the third and final autograph session

Hotel Room ... $106
Fanfest 2-day VIP Pass ... $99
Shoney's all-you-can-eat buffet (breakfast & dinner) ... $30
Meeting and getting autographs from the legends of professional wrestling
Browsing through the most obscure wrestling memorabilia and getting great deals on everything from videos to magazines (thanks again, guys)
Handing Mick Foley a WWF promo poster to have signed and hearing him say "Where am I? Oh wait, down here at the bottom."
Talking to Gary Michael Cappetta for over an hour at the bar as Bill Apter sang karaoke
Hanging out with fellow die-hards
Saying the wrong thing and having Sensational Sherri cut a promo on me as a result ...