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All the collectors have had problems in our collecting areas. Everyone of us could be target of people who likes to cheat and take advantage to increase their collections without effort from their part.

I has been target of those inescropolous collectors too. Of late, in the past couple of years I had problems with some collectors. Some has been:


This collector was banned from the community. He used many names and aliases, but to my best knowledge one address. He contacted first, offered, and agreed to an exchange. He then demanded me to send first, although he was the one who make the contact. After days a agreed as the exchange was for only US$9 in catalog value. I send and I never heard of him, again. Maybe still around with other name or alias.

This person has contacted me and we had a nice conversation. He said that probably someone has acted as him to hurt his reputation. He is willing to prove his innocence and he is willing to prove he is an honest person.

He still trying to work out a deal.

We never reach a deal and more people claims the they were cheated by him.


Luis contacted me in 2010 and we agreed to do an exchange. All went right. Then we worked to do a second exchange. Once again, all was fine. The we worked out a deal for the third exchange. As the previous two exchanges, we agreed to send the same day. I send as promised, he never did. After a couple of weeks, I write to him and asked about my letter. He said he already receied mine. I asked for the one he was supposed to send to me, but said he had problems as he was studying, so in a couple of weeks he will send. A month later I write again. He then gave me a false number of a registrated later. Then he njever repled back. A few months later, after listing him in black list of collectors on Facebook, he write back and said he never wanted to cheat me. Now, after 11 months waiting his letter (10/10, today 09/11) a collector at Facebook was happy on receiving a letter from him. Then I took a moment and write a message under the picture that collector posted on Facebook, asking for my letter. He replied to the collector that we fixed our differences, which is not true. The collector who rewceived the letter then expressed that Lu9is sent first and then he paid through paypal. he was lucky, I was not. Here I lost $192.

UPDATE, MARCH 30, 2012
Luis agreed to fulfill his word and he finally sent his material I received the material, sent him material in exchange for what he sent over our deal. Thanks Luis!

3-If by 09/21/2011 I got no response from a collector I sent notes of value of over $3,000, I will post his name here, as well all our story, as he started to have people complaining on him on other website and a also a member of my good collector list. Apparently he send self opened self taped envelopes, seeming that his country customs opened it and seized what is inside the envelope. Starange is taht he started 'selling' his notes on internet.... I had tried to contact him for 4 days now (09/15/2011 to 09/19/2011), throu several ways, he receives and reads the messages, but never answered, so his actions makes me believe he is a cheater and did a perfect job to send an empy envelope simulating it was 'opened' by his country customs.

UPDATE October 23, 2011. His name is Imed Fadhloun, from Tunisia. He have presence on Has avoided sending me my material for over a month now and he promised to send when he 'discovered' that his customs seized the content of my letter. He said so many excuses. My dispute is on, on the forum section regarding Warnings and Ratings.

UPDATE December 14, 2011

Imed has blocked me on Facebook after asking him again for my notes. He said he had some problems and was unable to get my notes, but offered several sets of note son his Facebook account. I asked he can fullfill me with those note, that it will be OK, but instead blocked me. I have a campaign against him, and will be against any people who is catalog as cheaters.

4-New cheater who cheated is collector from Honduras who used the name Eddy Geovany Bueso Reyes. He asked to exchange close to $150. Provided false number of shipment. His account on, silencer, was closed for cheating. Lost contact to hoim. Told that use other names as well. Have account on Facebook as Eddy Geovany Bueso Reyes.