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Weekly bitch from yours truely

Jeremy Christian Plaster

Ok, this is a part of my page that will be updated weekly.See,I`m a rather opinionated guy, so this is my venting sourse.*S* If you agree, right on, if not..Oh well.*L*
Professional Sports
Whats with the pro sports athletes today? Well I`ll tell you.You have guys Like Sammy Sosa, Alex Rodrigez, and Eric Lindros who are whinning, and complaining because they are making one million dollars less than the next guy on an already huge contract!What kind of idiot complains about 10 million dollars a year?Listen, these morons are playing a game they love.They live the dream of all the children in the world, and get paid an unbleievable amount of money to do it,yet still find room to complain.These guys dont belong on a baseball field, or a hockey rink-they belong in a mental institution!Take Jeremy Roenick for example.In 1997 he was found without contract by seasons end.The USA had many pro players on their team for the world cup.The Head coach begged Jeremy Roenick to be a part of that team.He begged all the way up to the day before the tournament started.And Roenick turned it down because he was afraid of being hurt without a contract.This guy..This traitor to the United States has 60 plus million in the bank, and he turns down a chance to play for his country over money reasons.He claimed all the while that it was the responsible choice.To me, that doesn`t represent responsibility, it represents ignorance, and proves to America just what a pampered pretty boy he really is!And the US team consisting of our REAL stars such as Chris Chelios, Brett Hull, and game winning Tony Amonte, went on to defeat Canada in the finals for the gold.So I hope Roenick dwells on that.Now being involved in professional armwrestling..I see guys who spend,not make, but spend hard earned money traveling across the country to compete in the sport they love.Alot of the idiots who call themselves athletes would ask.."why?" I`ll tell you why..Because they love it! I love it..I dont care about making money..I just want to compete.We are true athletes, and they are nothing more than hot headed crybabies who have dollar signs on the brain, and could really care less about their fans, or the sport they are supossed to love!