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Jeremy`s Armwrestling Poem

Some come by plane, some by train,some even drive, Is it really just for victory, in which we all strive? For some its a sport,for others, just fun. For me its an outlet,to which I may run. In one world one second, another the next, Two me on a table just to see who is best. You dont always lose, and you wont always win, But you`ll keep coming back for the feeling within. Set your arm on the pad,waithing for "ready go" We toproll, we hook,pulling high, pulling low. You fight for the hand,it`s all about control, You yank and you twist,praying for the final blow. We tear tendins and brake arms in our fun little game, But when your number one,pain, and glory feels the same. So we keep armwrestling,pull till we arent able, Sharing that glorified goal-BEING KING OF THE TABLE!! Jeremy Plaster