Women of WCW.

This is my Guide to the Women of WCW

Torrie Wilson
Fitness expert and Valet of Billy Kidman. First entered WCW as bait to lure David Flair to The NWO. Torrie had her most successful period during her time as the valet to Kidman and the first Filthy animals

The Nitro Girls
There has been two groups of Nitro Girls the first consisted of Kimberly the leader, Spice, Chae, Tygress, Paisley and Fyre. The second consisting of Spice, Chae, Sapphire, Baby, Chiquita, Tygress and Chameleon. The group's main job is to dance although they have been introduced into some storylines.

Kimberly Page
Kimberly has had a large part to play due to her being the wife and valet of DDP her real life husband and her being the leader of the Nitro Girls. Kimberly has never been shy from the camera and has posed nude for playboy her first time in 1993

Miss Hancock
Miss Hancock started WCW as the secretary for WCW's Standard's and Practice's later to become a fan favourite due to her willingness 'to give the crowd what they paid for'. She was discovered by WCW after winning the search for a Nitro Girl competition 1999 which she won, her name during her time with the Nitro Girls was Skye.

Daffney is know for her high pitched screams and her deranged ways when with David Flair her T.V partner. Daffney entered WCW as the stalker of David Flair. Daffney has very little in ring experience although she has her own finisher the frankensreamer.

Madusa has not had a large role in WCW her biggest time in the spotlight was during her time as a valet for team madness. Madusa spent many years wrestling in Japan and is used to the more extreme matches.

Often wrestles against other men including Buff Bagwell and The Filthy Animals. She has been a valet to The Revolution, The Demon and Ric Flair. Asya First entered WCW as the nurse of Ric 'The Nature Boy Flair' and has recently been in scripts as the real wife to Dave Toborg a.k.a The Demon

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