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The Misfits In Action

The Misfit's In Action were formed when neither The New Blood or Millionaires Club wanted the talents of Chavo Guerrero Jr, Hugh Morris, Lash Leroux, Van Hammer, and Booker T.
Led by Valet Major Gunns the talented wrestler's were given a new lease of life and new name's. Hugh Morris became General Rection, Chavo Guerrero Jr became Lieutenant Loco, Lash Leroux became Corporal Cajun, Van Hammer became Major Stash and Booker T became G.I Bro.
The Misfit's In Action began to become an impressive stable with victories over The Filthy Animal's and The New Blood and began to impress in Cruiserweight matches and in Tag Team matches.
Booker T left the M.I.A to win the World Heavyweight Title and Van Hammer was replaced by The Wall who was renamed Sgt.Awol.
It is Likely that the Misfit's will win more Belts and have more upset victories over the big name's of WCW.