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Southside Simon Payne is a second Generation wrestler. before his UWF days he grew up watching the TcW with the UWF in it. his idles included Studley Phil Dudley and The Virus. now Southside has proven himself and is now a member himself of this prestigious Organization.

Southside brings a luchador style to the UWF that has not yet been seen accept from Jammin Jarred or J&J potato Factory. However his suicidal acts in the ring like running without regard repeatedly at his enemies. This kind of behavior leaves his record to be average although he has held the Lightweight belt several times that is mostly due to speratic reigns of winning streaks.

Southside Simon Payne has been known to double as a character called Croc Catcher most notably in the Reality Rumble where the Croc Catcher(Simon Payne) took out six opponents before being eliminated. what will the future hold for this Suicidal Warrior named Simon?