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Reality Check

Matches for Monday May 1st, 2006

The Phenom Kurt White VS Maxwell J. Otis

At first it looked like Maxwell J Otis would be able to pull this one off in typical methodical form, however it seemed nothign could keep the Phenom down, and quickly recovering from a powerslam, the Phenom was able to block a high flying Otis elbow drop to turn the tide. A vicious assault ensued that saw Otis get injured at the hands of Kurt White with an inadvertant missplaced elbow.

Results: Pinfall: Kurt White

Saint Anger VS Just-In_Sane

Saint Anger could not handle the "In your face" attitude of Just-In-Sane whom showed his veteran savvy in defeating the much larger Anger. Who did manage to snap, however Insane used his madness to his advantage to make Anger look like a chump for the win.

Results, Pinfall, Just-In-Sane

5000 rpm VS 1 AM and Simon Payne

Trevor Raves could not make it out for this match in preparation for his title defense later on in the show aganist Thunder. So in his stead fellow nAo member Simon Payne filled in. And nAo didnt miss a beat, despite the fact that Simon payne seemed despondant durign the match, rarely helping Mobs. Mobs however easily desposed of the two high flyers, with jaw dropping kicks and maneuvers that would befit the champion of UWF. He won with his impaler on Chris Parffit while jeremy was knocked out on the outside.

Results: pinfall, 100 Angry Mobs 14:49 ref Tim White

Defcon 5 VS Joe (for the #1 contender for the IC belt)

OK! so pitting up two brothers against each other is a gimmick. and as is also pitting two brothers whom used to be tag team partners against each other... who ever said UWF was against gimmicks anyway? not me. anywho Defcon was able to pull out the win over joe, with a submission move, whether or not he can handle Raves is another question...

Results: Pinfall, Defcon 5 Time: 6:20 ref Tim White

Violent JJ VS Solitaire VS The Kidd VS Eric Nash (For title shot at next FPV)

Intense match that saw Violent JJ Showcase his ability to be crushed by others collectively. Eric Nash in a strategy to save his energy for later i nthe match had it backfire when he was knocked out of hte ring by JJ, and was not able t oget back in the ring in time to stop Solitaire from makign The Kidd submit

Results: submission Solitaire Match Length 9:10 ref Tim White


Trevor Raves VS Thunder (For Intercontinental belt)

Thunder put up a good fight givign the champ a scare early on but the strength of will of Trevor Raves shown through, and he was able to get his shoulder breaker on Thunder for teh win.

Results: pinfall Trevor Raves, 6:58 Tim White Ref.

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