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Jammin Jarred was perhaps one of the first Light weights in the UWF. he fought alongside Thunder and J&J potato factory to get a belt for the Cruiserweights in the UWF. After winning the battle for the opportunity to have a light weightbelt, jammin Jarred was honored to be the first UWF wrestler to obtain it after defeating Thunder at Reality. However, he lost the belt the very next week at UNSPOKEN ANGER against his twin brother J&J Potato Factory. this trend of ifhgting each other for the Cruiser-weight belt went on and on for weeks until other cruiser weights started showing up like Southside Simon Payne, Aggressive Dan and Fruit Loops

Despite the Twin Brothers Bickering over the Cruiser weight belt the two of them actually made a maternal tag team worth reckoning with. In fact the two of them were only the second tag team ever created short only two the New Age Outsiders. Together they were able to capture the tag belts at was known as the pinnacle of the twos carreers.