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El Loco Mofo --President

Braddoggrock --Vice President

The Virus --Co-founder

Dognut -- Co-founder

Sexual Chocolate -- Co-founder

Executive Committee (5/6/02)

Commisioner: El Loco Mofo

Heavy Weight Champion Of the Underground Realm : Trevor Raves (Countless Defenses)

Tag Team Champions of the Underground-- New Age Outsiders (Countless Defenses)

Light weight Champion: Simon Payne (1 Defenses)

Intercontinental Champion: VoorTrekker (2 Defenses)

Hardcore champion: 100 Angry Mobs (defending 24/7)

European Champion: Vacant

Womens Champion: Latino Steve, (Hardcore Hudson)

--- UWF (Underground Wrestling Federation) HISTORY----

The Uwf started off as a secret Undergroun Wrestling Federation with backyard wrestling ties. The First matches took place in the large Basement room of The Virus's house. Among the first ones there (so called the founders) were El LocoMofo, BrAdDoGgRocK, The Virus, Dognut, (Intended to be Doughnut, but in lew of a Spelling error on El Loco Mofo's part, became infinantly known as Dognut), and Sexual Chocolate (now called 100 Angry Mobs). The First UWF Reality had two matches. The first, a tag match between The Outsiders, who were made up of Sexual Chocolate and BrAdDogGRocK V.S. The Glazier's consisting of the Brothers; El Loco Mofo and Dognut. The Outsiders won the first tag title with BrAdDogGrock making Loco tap out with a sleeper hold. The Second match was to become a staple in UWF Realities' history. The Virus V.S. BrAdDogGrOcK for the title. It ended similarly with the tag match, with BrAdogrock winning, the decisive difference was that he introduced THE LARRY LATCH, the by far most devastating move in UWF history. The UWF was not alone in its small town community. There was a second rival federation called the TCW (Trampoline Championship Wrestling). they claimed to be more "Hardcore" than the UWF, even though they staged there matches and the UWF's were all still real matches with no known outcome. The UWF in an attempt to prove the better of the two hosted many co-federation events. One of which Bradoggrock managed to single handedly defeat every TCW champion(including Stone Cold Sigman, Studley Phil Dudley, Thunder, Just-in-Sane and The Anti-Hero) and leave with every one of there belts. This proved once and for all who was truly the most hardcore. Also, this attracted Thunder and manager of Just-In-Sane, Solitaire, to the UWF. Chuckles, Hardcore Hutton and Hardcore Hudson also were added to the roster around this time. The First ever Brawl For all brought in new wrestlers as well some of which include; Fruit Loops (forming the CCP), Aggressive Dan and Violent JJ. However despite these new adversaries Dognut had no problem dismanteling Just In Sane, Fruit Loops, El Loco Mofo and The Virus to earn the First ever I.C. belt. soon after he lossed the belt and in anger developed another personality called VoorTrekker who formed the Legion of Evil with Aggressive Dan and Violent JJ. It was at this time that the UWF reached its peak as far as Backyard wrestling was concerned. The UWF took it out of the basement and into the backyard of El Loco Mofo's house. With an actual ring(makeshift mattresses), a sound system, announcers, lighting, and an actual crowd, this was perhaps the UWF's finest hour. It was called UNSPOKEN ANGER. It featured Thunder in an astonishing match versus Aggressive Dan for the First ever Lightweight belt, in which he sprained his ankle. He then defended it (hurt mind you) against to young upstarts named J&J Potato Factory and Jammin Jarred. who the nturned on each other for the title which they won together and J&J Potato Factory won that. Hardcore Hudson Faced off against Hardcore Hutton, for the right to use the word Hardcore in there name. Hardcore Hudson won and Hutton became Big Money Hu$tler. The Virus took on VoorTrekker for the I.C. belt and won after Braddoggrock interferred. the main match was El Loco Mofo V.S. BrAdDogGRock (then 55-0 had never lost the belt!) for the World belt, it was a great match in which Mofo took the pounding of his life. but in the end it was a surprise that changed the face of the UWF forever. El Loco Mofo shot BrAdDoGgrock for the win. Well, he went to prison and BRadogrock was presumed dead.

That marked the end of the Real wrestling. fearing inevitable injuries, Prez Mofo and VP Braddoggrock turned teh UWF into an interactive Video Game format. this automattically leveled the playing field. Eric Nash came into the picture as Mofos cousin who inherited the company, Trevor Raves showed up about this time. And with 100 angry Mobs coming out of retirement the UWF's future looked prommissing. The new wrestlers Simon Payne and Bad Ass Alice arrived soon after. The new format (Video Game) allowed for Solitaire to gain prominence as both the World Champion and Tag Champion with Eric Nash as The Dirty Dozen Minus Ten. however THe Championship was quickly reclaimed by The New Age Outsiders who were formed by 100 Angry mobs who recruited TrevorRaves to replace BrAddoggrock. Trevor also reclaimed teh World Belt and fearing another incident like Braddoggrock recruited the help of a securtiy guard named Cash Money Marvelous (TRPS), sho quickly became the most hated wrestler in the UWF. Eric Nash Created the first Exec Committee, which in turn spawned the formation of the DCX (De-Corporation X) who are against the Commitee. They consist of Dognut , THe Virus, and Big Money Hustler. Other stuff has happened but this is the general history of what has come to be so far in the UWF -----the history as remembered by El Loco Mofo