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Cash Money Marvelous used to be a bouncer for a local club named LaZone however the failing business fired him due to lack of need. Cash Money did his job well however and one night caught the eye of one man in particular. This mans name was Trevor Raves. Trevor Raves had just got done watching a historical wrestling event called UNSPOKEN ANGER in which his idol BrAdDogGRocK was shotand killed by another wrestler(El Loco Mofo). Trevor was distrought, and Cash Money helped him through the pain. Cash promised Trevor that he would protect him if he ever became a wrestler. So on that special night a bond was formed between to grown men. a bond that would take the two men too the top of the Underground wrestling federation.

Trevor Raves was called up to the big leagues and over time won the championship belt. That night Cash Money was hired directly after the belt exchanged hands to protect Trevor. He did his job wonderfully and Trevor Held on to his belt. Cash Money would plot and plunder Trevor Raves foes plans until finally to this day he is the most hated man in the UWF. However, "those who hate him are obviously those who must face him" Quoted Trevor Raves.

Cash Money Marvelous is right now currently in the hunt for a UWF belt probably the Light weight as of yet. Cash Money looks to expand his repertoire to more than jsut a security guard and is well on his way. who knows how far he can go.