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The Virus

The Virus UWF's once beaten and forgotten about wrestler had wrestled day after day always losing but last Monday on Reality his career got a major shot in the arm with Him winning the InterContinental Championship belt From 100 Angry Mobs. The Virus is known most for his never say die attitude. which he has demonstrated on several occasions. He has been known to instead of just releivinghimself of the nescrutiating pain by tapping(submitting) he will pass out. The UWF major events and Monday Night Realities are all held at The Virus's Prestigous house in Beutiful Canal Fulton . In his Basement Underground , Henceforth why we call it Underground wrestling. This Federation has grown Significantly in the past year now to include FPV's or Free per views and title's and The Virus has been With El Loco Mofo every step of the way helping him to create the UWF and now that his talents are fully developed the other wrestlers should watch out .for The ASSMASTER The Viruswants you to Celebrate his newly won title at the next Reality on monday so be there or be square unless you want to be square then if this situation shall arise be a circle etc.."HE IS UWF Intercontinental Champion of the World Height=6'4" Weight=185 LBS....... Record now stands at 3-35