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Eric Nash cousin of El Loco Mofo has come to the UWF to restore the good family name of Nash to goodstanding after his cousin Shot and KILLED braddoggrock at UNSPOKEN ANGER last year. and with all of the power now inherited upon EricNash that El Loco Mofo had he is sure he can get the job done.

Enash has a particular hatred for Cash Money Marvelous. Enash beleives that Cash Money Marvelous is responsible for him losing the world championship match that he was once given.

at one point in time Enash held the I.C. belt the Hardcore Belt and the Tag belts with Solitare at the same time. After losing the Hardcore to Chuckles the Clown and the I.C. to Trevor Raves. Enash clings to his Tag belt with dear life with Solitare as his partner.