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Trevor Raves (the Descendant of UWF legend and founding father Braddoggrock), is indeed a champion. Trevor Raves has held the World Championship belt for now going on 6 months in quite the same style that Braddoggrock once did. Perhaps following in the footsteps, under a very large shadow. Even if Trevor were to lose the belt he would still be looked upon as a champion, just for the mere fact hes never been looked upon as anythiing else.

Trevor Raves is one half of the infamous New Age Outsiders Tag team with 100 Angry Mobs. who are constantly battling for the Tag Belts

Trevor Raves feared that he might one day be shot and killed like his predecessor BrAddoggrock. Therefore he hired a security Guard and was funlovingly called T.R.P.S.(Trevor Raves Personal Security). but through chance trps worked his way into the limelight and is now wrestling in the UWF under the name Cash Money Marvelous.