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100 angry mobs is a tenacious wrestler, with a hardcore image that frightens most opponents before they even start to wrestle with the man.

"Mobs", uses quick and acurately timed kicks, to weaken his foes first before going in for the kill. Almost all of his moves are fast and agile demonstrating Mobs great understanding of technical wrestling.

100 Angry Mobs
Real Name: Denny Dayton
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 190 lbs
Date of Birth: 81'
Debut: 1997
Place of Birth: UNKNOWN
Finishing Move: The Impaler

Leagues: UWF

Names: Sexual Chocolate, 100 Angry Mobs.

Important Facts
*Founding Father of the UWF
*First UWF Hardcore, Tag, and Ladies Choice Champion
*Member of the New Age outsiders

* UWF tag Champion with Braddogrock as Sexual Chocolate Aug, 97'
*First Ever UWF Hardcore Champion Dec, 97' as Sexual Chocolate
* UWF tag Champion with Braddogrock as Sexual Chocolate Jan 98'
* UWF Hardcore Champion * UWF IC Champion Sept, 00'
* UWF Tag Team Champion with Trevor Raves Oct, 00'
* UWF Hardcore Champion May, 01'
* UWF Tag Team Champion with Trevor Raves Jul, 01'
* UWF Ladies Choice Champion Nov 03'
* UWF Hardcore Champion
* UWF Tag Team Champion with Trevor Raves

Memorable Matches
* December 1997 versus The Virus in first ever UWF hardcore title match. Sexual Chocolate wins when he snaps and goes into a wild punching frenzy The Virus.
* March, 1997 with Braddoggrock versus "The Glaziers" an epic match lasting nearly two hours, 100 Angry Mobs won with a submision move on El Loco Mofo.
* 100 Angry Mobs and Trevor Raves versus El Loco Mofo and Solitaire for the World heavy Weight Belts. A long hard fought match in which the New Age Outsiders became the UWF's Heels and they were finally defeated for the first and only time.
* 100 Angry Mobs versus Violent JJ for the Hardcore belt. 100 Angry Mobs sliced JJ's head open with Barbed wire while the two of them collided at the same time in the ring with a bat and a barbed wire 2x4 or a climactic finish for one of the best matches ever.