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Hey, welcome to my Kane site. As you may or may not know, Glenn Jacobs, otherwise known as Kane, has been rumored to own the Screen Name RedRoket67GJ@aol.com. I also know the supposed Screen Name of the Undertaker, Mark Calloway. It is apparently HarleyridrUT@aol.com. I do not know for SURE whether or not these names are actually their's. However, what I do know is some other web site has been starting problems with me because I am giving out information to the public that could possibly be wrestler's screen names or not. I will say this clear and simple. I DO NOT KNOW FOR SURE IF THESE ARE INDEED THERE NAMES. MAYBE THEY ARE, MAYBE THEY ARE NOT...THAT IS FOR YOU, THE READER, TO DECIDE. If anyone has a problem with this, you can kiss my ass! As for the web site that seems to think they can boss me around, the way I presented this information is in a manner where I am not stating anything to be true, I'm simply stating rumors. Trying to limit peoples freedoms are sick discusting acts, and I will be damned if you pull any of that off on me. It's been over a month since the WTC attack, and these people are so worried over possible wrong information. "Oh my god, somebody is stating information that I don't like, oh noooo....My precious little web site isn't as good as his...ohhh noooooo..." To make the long story short, there are other things in the world besides Kane...get what's known as a life...

Also, people seem to think I am stealing pictures and movie clips off of their sites. #1. Anything I post I have either made, scanned, or recieved in E-mail from fans. #2. If you think they are stolen, then you are wrong. All I can give you is my word they aren't, and If that is not enough, then to hell with you.

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~Thanks, enjoy~

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