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Thunder Report
May 17, 2000

Sting talks trash to Vampiro, Vamp lights the ring on fire.

Sting Talking
Sting is standing in the ring with a very serious look on his face.
Sting: "Cut the music, Vampiro, thank you for pointing out that I have talked the talk for ten years, but don't forget that I have walked the walk for ten years. I've been real nice, real kind and real patient. Not even close to what I'm capable of doing. So tonight Vampiro, I'm going to knock you right out, I'm going to take you out, TONIGHT, in Louisiana."
Vampiro walks out.
Vampiro: "Hey Stinger, I got a question…In the cage you had me handcuffed, you left me hanging, you walked out of the cage and I was laughing at you, what happened, you just don't have the balls to cross the line and finish the job? If that was me, they'd still be picking fragments of your face off the front row, maybe you just don't get it, maybe there's a part of you that likes me, maybe you want to be like me, you must like spending time with me, I told you I'm going to take you to hell Steve…I'm going to take you to hell, at the Great American Bash, it's an inferno match, and to win you have to light your opponent on Fire Steve."
Sting: "You're psycho, definitely psycho bonehead, were not having an inferno match, what would we do, torch each other?"
Vampiro: "You're right, I am insane!"
The camera cuts to Sting in the ring, and all the ropes are on fire.
-Commercial Break-