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Stacy's Biography

Real Name: Stacy Carter

Alias: The Kat, Miss Kitty.

WWF Debut: August 23, 1999

Birthday:September 29,1971


Weight:105 Ibs

Hair:Blonde (wears wigs a lot)


Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Titles Held: The WWF Women's Championship

Stacy Carter known to wrestling fans as The Kat is the real-life wife of Jerry The King Lawler one of the WWF's great announcers and wrestler.

Stacy first known as Miss Kitty is the WWF's number one 'Catfigther' .She'll have her claws into you in no time!

The Kat has had fueds with almost every women in the WWF but has fueded with 'The She Devil' Terri the most and they have had 'StinkyFace Thong Matches',and most of all 'Arm Wrestling Contests'.

Stacy is also former WWF Womens Champion.

She shocked her whole world when she flashed her 'Kitties' at the Armaggedon Pay Per View in December 1999.