Mexico's Most Wanted

Halloween and Damien 666 form Mexico's Most Wanted. Halloween had stints in WCW and in Mexico. Halloween also brings a versatile style into XPW with an excellent Luchadore style but if you rule break, be prepared for the consequences. Halloween is no stranger to Hardcore Wrestling. Halloween has had memorable feuds with the top stars in Mexico. Halloween's "second" is Lady Victoria. So if the "X" Girls want to use their sex appeal to distract Halloween, look for Lady Victoria to keep them away. Part of Mexico's Most Wanted, Damien 666 enters XPW after stints with WCW, FMW and Mexico. Damien 666 is a master luchadore who can easily adapt to whatever style hits him in XPW. Many of Damien's matches in FMW and in Mexico were hardcore. If you want to wrestle, Damien 666 can wrestle, if you go hardcore, he can go hardcore. Probably one of the most versatile wrestlers in XPW today, Damien 666 teamed up with Halloween to form a potent tag team. They recently earned a victory over the Westside and is a team to take seriously in XPW.