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Student Council elections are coming next April 18th.  When voting, make sure you are educated as to what each candidate stands for and what he/she wants to accomplish when he/she becomes president.  This web page was created so voters can figure out what David Segura is all about.  Make sure you get register to vote because it is your civic duty.  If you have any questions about David's ideals, make sure you E-Mail him or ask him personally.

David Segura is all about pride.  He feels proud to be a Wolf and wants to help spread this pride with a few "reforms."  These can be split up into the following criteria:

One of them is our school's presentation.  Our bathrooms need remodeling.  They are ugly and very rough to look at.  We should remodel these in hopes to improve our school's morale.  Our schools lockers do not help either, we have some locker colors from gray to orange to blue to green to...well, you get the idea.  We should paint these black and gold to improve our school spirit.  Our cafeteria walls should be touched up to improve our presentation.  Our busses are dirty and should be cleaned up.

I propose we get a school T.V. station.  We can pass all the news on it and have educational programs on it so we will liven up our schools announcements.

David Segura has many goals and aspirations he wants to accomplish in order to help our school better it's pride.  We should be proud to be Wolves!!

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