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"Fans in Canada, France, Poland, Japan, Saudi Arabia, The Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, Belgium, Taiwan, Bahrain, India, The Netherlands, Argentina, Egypt, Croatia, Hungary, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malta, Spain, Israel, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, South Africa, Chile, Finland, Turkey, Ukraine, Greece, Malaysia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Brazil, and the U.S Government....Seriously! "

Frisco Pro Wrestling is a backyard wrestling promotion that runs in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area. This site is dedicated to FPW and it will have news, interviews, forums, wrestler profiles, and everything else you need to know about the greatest wrestling promotion in the history of the world.

It's official! FPW will be making its grand return in 2009. Stay Tuned for more information! And check out the Official FPW Highlight Video right below. Yeah, we're that good....

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