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Other Links

Exploited Child (Elax)
Kristy Kiss (Valet of The New Unit)
Judas Young (Punks Not Dead)
Velvet Divide (Valet of STD)
Hit Squad (Our most hated oponents)
Billy Reil (The Human Highlight)
Dave Desire (Live Wire)
UWF (Rick Silvers New Fed)
Glenn Strange (The Maniac)
The Orphan (1/3 of STD)
Low Life Louie (Suicidal Champ)
Dr Hurtz (Avoid The Toe Tag)
Frankie Starz (2 Xtreme for MTV)
Ravens World (We yelled at
Lou Diamond (Suicidal Promoter)
Low Ki (Lets his talent speak for him)
ModTrom Productions (Suicidal TV)
Roc Strycker's Column (Our Interview to be up soon)
ModTrom Productions (Suicidal TV)
Canadian Lightning (Gay- AP student)