Hoggywartz Rpg--A Story

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Just a Random Excerpt
Pansy sat on one of the emty desks.Her head was held up by her hands.She wore her slytherin robes.
Draco was outside, he leaned against the door not thinking it was open, it was. He fell backwards into the room stupidly. "ufh,..." he made a noise as he hit the ground, his head a foot from the leg of a desk.
Pansy jumped out of the desk and looked at Draco. "Smooth..." she said giggling a little bit.
"You know it." Draco said standing.
Tracy walked past, looking for some people... "Hey, what's everyone doing in here?"
Draco glanced over at the newcomer.
"I bet" Pansy said to Draco.She looked over to Tracy."Who are you?"
"Err... Hi..."Tracy shifted her feet nervously.
"Well?You're not in Slytherin I know that.So then I guess I dont care what your name is" pansy said smirking.
"I'm Tracy!"
"Tracy.... such an... ugly name..." Draco said looking at her, then sitting.
"Did you understand me?I dont care.But I probably need to talk slower dont I?" Pansy said, laughing to herself.
"Oh! Sorry... Well... Draco isn't such a gem of a name either." Tracy remarked.
Draco shrugged. "Your right, it's not a great name, but it IS better than Tracy." he said.
"There's nothing wrong with your name Draco." pansy said hitting him lightly on the shoulder for saying it wasn't a good name.
"You try having to take OWL's and writing Draconious Malfoy over and over." he said with a slight smile.
How to Flirt Your Way Out of a Paper Bag
Ryan stood with a map in his hand, looking around for someone he knew. "Where the hell am I?!" he thought.
Annie walked into the Entrance Hall and saw Ryan. "Newbie" she muttered. Then she walked over to him. "Little lost are we? Well, It really isn't that hard unless you are kinda slow in the mind. You are in the Entrance Hall. And right through those doors is the Great Hall. Down that hall to the right are the staircases. Becareful because they tend to change. That's about it. Learn it cus if you are late to your classes the teachers don't by the excuse that you were lost." She began to walk away. "Oh, by the way, I'm Annie Astro."
"Hey Annie!" Alexia waved then looked at the boy. He looked familiar. "Do I know you?" she asked him.
"Hi Lexi. This boy is new." Annie smiled.
Alexia looked at Ryan sideways. "Hmmm...are you Ryan Adair? You look just like...someone I used to...know"
Josh strolled over. "Hi Ryan, you used to go to my old school didn't you? Do you know her?" Josh asked looking wierdly at Alexia.
Pansy walked into the room.She walked in the direction of Annie."Who's this?"She said looking at Ryan in a charming way.
Joanie, seeing a group of people, strolled over casually. "Whats going on? Who are you two?" she looked quizzically at Josh and Ryan.
Alexia pushed Pansy out of the way and hugged Ryan and Josh. "How come you two are here? What heppened at the academy? Prof. Bean didn't come back did he?!" she laughed.
"Pansy this is Ryan. He is new to Slytherin." Annie said answering Pansy's question.
"And this is Joshua Lyon..." Alexia said letting go of him. "They just came here from The Willowstar Academy of Sorcery. I used to go, but then I was..." she smiled. "Asked to leave...by the head misstress, because I gave a Professor Bean a nervous breakdown...which worries me because now there's a Prof. Bean here too, and I'm praying it's not the same one! How come you never told me Karen and Nicola you were coming?!"
"What Alexia?" No need to push."Pansy said."Well Nice to meet you Josh and Ryan." she said smiling. "Wow, Pansy, you're so jealous you're actually being nice to me? You wanna go to the hospital wing?" she said in mock seriousness.
"Jealous of what?" Pansy inquired, tapping her foot impatiently.
"I saw the look you gave Ryan." Alexia put her arm around him. "This is the boyfriend I was telling you about, Pansy, you know in the common room?" she was really enjoying this.
"Never mind." she looked at Ryan, then back at Pansy. "We were best friends at Willowstar, me Ryan Karen and Josh. But then with the whole nervous breakdown thing, I had to leave, so as a protest Karen left too."
"Oh yes, Willowstar, it's an expensive private school in the South of England" she said smiling again. "I don't know why these guys came here, but Karen's and my mother were really good friends, and after I got, erm...'asked to leave' Karen's mum thought it was disgraceful, so she made Karen leave too. Every time I saw Prof. Bean in the village, he would run into the nearest building..."
Rhia walked by on her way to the great hall. "New meat?" She walked over, looking flirtatious, of course she had a boyfriend though. She put her hands on her hips. "Rhianna Ashcroft" She said haughitily.
Joanie stared at them all. "Um...I think you all are major flirts."
Rhia shrugged, "No clue, they're weird. And anyways, I am the flirt, their just jealous" She said.
"Funny rhia,You could flirt your way out of a paperbag." Pansy said smirking.
King Bozzie??
King Bozzie, a GRYFFINDOR and a very big lizard burst into the Slytherin Common room."I have no idea how I knew that password-but I'm in here now!I may like snakes, but all Slytherins look like some sort of wild pie that exploded!"
Just then, Silvin Telbrook burst in." Where is that lizard?"Then he realised everyone was staring at him. He explained:"Well...Snape sent me to catch that Gryffindor NEWT who got into here. He seems a very good hider." He paused. " Do you know my sister? Where is she?"
"Why do you have to be everywhere???" Alexia, sitting in a nearby chair got up and pushed Silvin to the floor. "Your freaks and are all a disgrace so GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Lexi, thats not very nice, what did he do?"Karen inquired.
Suddenly from the floor Silvin rose up and transformed into King Bozzie- a black lizard, 11 feet tall standing on two legs with two huge wings and a long tail."Now you die! I'll teach you for pushing me!" He threw her against the wall, then he disappeared.