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Hello & Welcome To My Interests

I enjoy refinishing antiques and renovating houses I enjoy taking an old house and fixing it up to look not new but as good as new. I live in Oshawa Ontario ; I have lived here for approximatly thirteen years, it is a General Motors City for sure.I am forty eight years of age and work as a Taper in Whitby ON,in a plant called Tecstar . I really enjoy finding out what a computer can actually do this is my second time building and I like to think that I am getting better at it.I still have yet to find out how to do Interface pages but give me time and I will get there.
You can tell i really like Fantasy Art one of my favorite's
Is Boris Vallejo
his work is Beautiful but don't believe me
check it out for your self you will see I am not wrong.

More Fantasy Art
All works of art are for your viewing.
They are copyrighted to their respective,
companies and artists.

The picture below is from my home town of
if you would like to check it
out just click on the image.

I will be adding more to this as I get time
to do so I am doing this in my spare time.
Another one of my interest's is Eagles I have always like them. I collect porcelin ones as a hobby Here are a couple of pictures That I have of them.

Thank you for visiting my pages if you liked them or if you did'nt like them please let me know by signing my guest book on ky main page and Please come again there will be plenty more to