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To My Computer Page
How do I start this off,well I have had a computer now for at least four years.And in that time I have spent alot of money having it cleaned reformated etc. But as I found out it is very easy to format a system yourself I joined a couple of forums that will help you with any thing that happens to go wrong with your system.They have been very helpfull in my experenices with computers.You can also buy sell and trade on these sites in which is great if you are looking to upgrade your system.
Here are a couple of links for you to check out
Computer Mechanics
Redflag Deals
Howard Forums
PC Perspective
Overclockers Forum
I will be putting links in this page to these sites plus links to sites that you can go to to get printouts on how to format your own system inwhich will save you a costly repair bill.A couple of links to the Anti Virus program that I use and myself I swear by it.
My two computers I have built myself the specs on these two systems are as follows.
#1 My System*Asus P4 800 Deluxe 865PE mobo 2.8 Ghz*running at 3.30 Ghz*2gig's DDR 400 ram*Gforce4 440 vid card*160 gig WD 7200 rpm*80 gig Samsung*52x Cd burner *16x dvd rom *19" Emachine Monitor *Modded Chenming Tower
Wifes Rig P3 1 Ghz *Jetway mobo*512 DDR 333*16x DVD rom* 52x Cd burner