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1/81 FA                 

Wiley  Kaserne                

Neu Ulm West Germany             



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1/81 FA
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1/81 FA Pershing Missile

The 1/81 Field artillery area has been torn down and has been replaced by apartment and office buildings. If anyone has pictures of the 1/81 send  them to or visit the Pershing Missile Club or the 2/4 infantry Tower Rats Club on

CAS Site

The nuclear weapons storage facilities know as CAS site for the 1/81 FA was located at Inneringen in the 1970's and outside the village of  Ritzisried southeast of neu-ulm when I was there in the 1980's.


1/81 pictures 1984 and 1986 from Rich Salustro


Pershing 1 1969 Neu-Ulm



I was with A Battery, 1st Bn, 81st FA @ Neu Ulm March 1971-April 1972.  Inneringen was our CAS site and I spent 3 tours there during that time.  Attached are some photos.  Gene Smania


1/81 FA 1972

1/81 FA Jim Doppmann 1971


Pershing  Literature-Martin Marietta

Costs of Pershing Equipment



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