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Download your Federal Government Processor Manual. Please note that you will not be able to use these downloads, until we receive the $29.95 payment for your manual!! For your convenience, and to get you started make BIG Money right away you can make payment online with PayPal!! Once that is received you will be emailed your pass code to access both the manual and the free state listing.


      Federal Processor Manual  1  file @  16.4 meg

           *   HUD updated Listing      -  1  file  @  26.3 meg    

Click Here to get free Reader for Fed Proc Documents.


Pay Online by Check click here


Send payments:  (Checks or Money Orders only)

Attn:    Thomas Grimes - Processing Dept

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3863 Jefferson Road

Glen Rock, PA 17327


Please included your email address or email it to us prior @, so we can email your passcode to you.

All State Listings are included with the Listing software 

Alabama                     Kentucky                         North Dakota       

Alaska                      Louisiana                         Ohio                     

California                  Maine                              Oklahoma             

Arizona                      Maryland                         Oregon                 

Arkansas                   Massachusetts                  Pennsylvania           

Delaware                   Mississippi                       South Dakota        

Florida                        Montana                          Texas                    

Georgia                       Nebraska                        Utah                      

Hawaii                        Nevada                            Vermont               

Idaho                          New Hampshire               Virginia                 

Illinois                         New Jersey                      Washington State  

Indiana                        New Mexico                   West Virginia          

Iowa                           New York                       Wisconsin               

Kansas                         North Carolina                Wyoming                 

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