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Sunday, 28 March 2004

Posted by wizard2/voltaire0 at 4:08 PM EST
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Saturday, 20 March 2004
Here we go.

Name: Akutsu of the Iron Path.

Race: Human

Title: Master of the Iron Path

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2

Weight: 215

Appearance: Akutsu is a man that few could describe with a single sentence. His head, shaved in the fashion of a monk, is covered in a tatoo of a long road, beset by consuming orange fire on each side.

If that would be the first thing you see of Akutsu, you would notice his eyes next, two oval shaped slits that express any emotion it tries to perfectly, from killing intent to wry humour, one crystal blue, and the other a violent, pulsating red, that few living things man or immortal, could gaze into for very long. Like everything you learn about Akutsu, the eye has a story of its own.

His long, delicately structured face, a tiny nose and a mouth that can curve upwards in mocking laughter as easily as it can become a somber, menacing frown, is always gaunt, dark, and filled with shadows. You would never feel comfortable around him, as his only humour is the type that comes from a lifetime of hardships, bitter and sarcastic.

His skin, taut against his muscles, is accentuated by a rich tan color, from exposure to the sun.

Akutsu never wears a shirt, just loose brown pants and bandages around his abdomen and forearms, from injuries that long ago faded away.

His gait is always loose, like water, suggesting confidence in his movements, and a grace obtained from a lifetime of practicing his fighting skills.

History: Akutsu is without a doubt, a human. That does not mean that he has had a normal, human life.

Raised in a monastery by a secretive group called the Iron Monks, (nothing more than 5 or 6 old men who once in a while get a new pupil) Akutsu was taught of the ways of the warrior.

From the age of five on, he was taught a secret style of Martial Arts by the men he thought of as his uncles, a style called the Iron Path.

The Iron Path was a style named more for what happened to its students than the style itself. If you could live to become a master of it, it really didn't matter how you fought.

At the age of fifteen, Akutsu was taken to a flat plain by his sensei, filled with bamboo poles.

His sensei, an aging man in a monk's robe, told him only, " I have taken you here to finalize your training in the way of the Iron Path. You have earned the tattoo, and have been amongst us as an honored pupil for these past fifteen years. We will do combat on these poles, and you will try your hardest to kill me. You will not be able to, and you will die, Akutsu, and you will enter hell."

"And when you enter the nether realm, remember the manner in which you died, and fight your way out again. Should you ever return back to the land of the living, your life is your own, and we will have nothing left to teach you. Though, I am obligated to tell you, what is found in hell isn't always as it seems."

The sensei, with nothing more to say, climbed onto the poles, awaiting his student...

10 years later...

Pain. Hunger. Madness. Thirst.

Raising his face to the sky, Akutsu cackled. He had gotten out of hell, and was a master of the Iron Path. In hell, he had found the spine of a demon, and an eye, the findings his master warned him of. Hoisting his staff, Akutsu set off, his purpose in life undefined, but his training complete.


While Akutsu rarely sees the need to do so, he has a single weapon known in legends as the Cobra. He just thinks of it as his whipping stick.

the Cobra is a long staff made of the long, single backbone of an enormous demon he met . As such, it is nigh indestructible, and it can extend itself to a length of five hundred feet, due to the nature of the slayed demon.

Also, his red eye serves as a weapon, it being ripped from the same demon he had destroyed to attain his staff. The eye is singularly unique in that it can spot open holes in someone's defense in hand to hand combat, making such confrontations with Akutsu dangerous. The only way to counteract his predictions is to be fast enough to cover your own faults.


In hand to hand combat, Akutsu's style is the Iron Path, a style that centers on a defense and counter principal.

Akutsu will wait out any opponent, checking for a flaw and driving a powerful kick, punch, or throw.

Iron Throw: A throw that allows Akutsu to grab his opponent by the hand, spinning them quickly using centrifugal force, and letting them go after a certain speed is reached.

Fire Breath: Being caught in hell for many years, Akutsu long ago mastered the art of controlling his chi, and this is a technique he's fond of. Filling his lungs with air, he uses his chi to turn the expulsion of his breath into a torrent of flame.

Mist of Fear: A demon technique, Akutsu channels his chi over a certain radius to invoke fear in his opponent, attacking their senses to make them sense things out of the ordinary that instill them with a deep sense of fear. It takes a strong will, demon or human, to break Akutsu's hold on you, but it is very complex and difficult to use, so doing it more than once in a while is strenuous.

Iron Point: A technique Akutsu can only use with his staff, its a powerful thrust foward imbued with some of his chi to create a powerful force. The velocity is fast enough to cause the air around the staff to ripple, and is damaging to the opponent.

Posted by wizard2/voltaire0 at 6:14 PM EST
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