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My Life
Thursday, 10 June 2004
Nothing new
well, not much has been going on. oh, but my parents are pissing me off. i swear, between pms, being a girl, social/peer pressurue, homework, going to a new skool next year, and just being a teen in general, you would think that an attitude would be expected of a person. bullshit, no?

but tomorrow is the last day we'll be forced to wear uniforms, THANK GOD! i freakin' hate our uniforms and i'm planning to burn them. ugh.

i also hate ricky martin and jessica j and joel w. i hate them all. they're all REALLY annoying, fake, concieted, and a bunch of fucking whiny asses. i hate them all.

Posted by wizard2/uploadpics at 5:59 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 13 June 2004 2:17 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 8 June 2004
OK, so what this is is a countdown to the many points in my lifetime

June 9-
Ingenuity Awards
June 14-18-
School Spirit Week (yeah, school spirit--woo-hoo)
June 15-
Awards Ceremony for skool
June 16-
Cruise to the State Capitol...blah
June 23-
GRADUATION (we graduate so fucking late, its not funny)

~I'll update this when i feel like it.

Posted by wizard2/uploadpics at 5:05 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 10 June 2004 6:13 PM EDT
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Hey ya'll
Wow, i have a blog now. lol, how exciting, no?

Anyways people, my name is piper and i run this joint. it's not really exciting but i'm just going to post how i feel whenever i'm not being totally lazy! lol. for example, tommorrow is...wendsday! i probably spelled that wrong, but i'm too lazy to edit it otherwise. lol.

actually, the reason why i'm posting now is because i'm procrastinating (i'm really good at that). i'm supposed to be doing a project on Monet and face it, i love the Impressionist time period but no one wants to write up critiques when there are about, oh, twelve thousand online about the same painting over and over and over again.

Actualyl, i'm also really pissy. My boyfriend (i just found out) still likes this one girl named...jessica. eww...i, personally, cannot stad jessicas. i don't have a clue what it is, but all the jessica's i've known seemed nice but all turned out to be slutty whores...with an exception of one.

Posted by wizard2/uploadpics at 4:51 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 8 June 2004 5:00 PM EDT
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