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Welcome to the Burrow-a home for our favourite family. Below this, as you can see, is news, and this, as you can see, is an introduction. And now for the introduction. The Weasleys are the best family (one of the only whole families too) in HP. Everyone knows that, but on all the websites, Harry gets all of the attention. It's "Harry this" and "Harry that" and more and more. You know it. Not that HP is bad, he just gets all the attention. I love HP too! So I said, "What to do to counteract these horrible goings-ons?" And then I said, "WEASLEYS!" And here we are. And now I must tell you about the site. The character biographies are on the right, as you see, unless you are blind, plus the charms/curses section, and the rest of them. I know you can see them, so I will not bore you by listing them as other HP sites do. Thank you, and good day. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!

Weasley's News

As you all know, POA is coming out on June fourth 2004. AAAHHH! So excited. There's a full-length trailer out now at, and the music is brilliant if I might say so. So brilliant that I down loaded it onto my ipod. Gary Oldman is playing Sirius, and personally, I don't think he looks much like Sirius. But it's your call. About the trailer: check out Lupin. Sooo not a Lupin. But check it out anyway.
5.13.04 So sorry for the un-updating. There was a Hp Sorcerer's Stone special on Sunday which will be replayed Sunday at 8 on ABC. There are a whole bunch more tv things- check mugglenet for more info. 21 days till PoA!!!!
5.19.04 -6 days-sorry I kept you waiting. Haven't checked mugglenet yet today - but they have gotten some really great pics of scenes from the movie, and you can even watch the Japanese and German trailers. Harry potter talking in German is so funny. The kid sounds like he's 8. 15 days, baby!
5.20.04 -See, I'm keeping up with updating. Just finished OotP, so saddened. But you have to be, right? ~~~ SPOILER AHEAD!!! ~~~

I mean, Sirius! I read PoA to prepare for the movie, (14 days), so I'm very attached at this time.
5.25.04 -Ok, sort of keeping up with updating. 10 days!!! Order your tickets now!! Mugglenet has posted a review of the movie and apparently its better than the other two. There have also been some recent castings- Cho Chang, Madame Maxime, and others. Their pictures are on mugglenet. Wish me luck! I graduate high school in 18 days!