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I am reposting this reference guide on how to get to 300 level tailoring, created by someone else who once posted here but alas, the post is gone. I do not claim any of the information as my own, and sadly I did not copy down the author's name. This is especially helpful for those who have acquired those pesky BoP when made purple tailoring patterns and must suddenly power level tailoring to create their very own epic. Also, if you are the original poster or know who the author is, please reply and let me know so I can give the proper credit! =) Thanks! Note: I did not use this guide myself as tailoring was already one of my professions. Personally, I preferred making runecloth bags once I hit skill level 260 (limited supply recipe sold in Winterspring) since you can sell them or give them to guildies or alts. As long as you have a leatherworker friend, the costs shouldn't be too high. -------------- 1-30 Bolt of Linen Cloth - 31-45 Brown Linen Vest: 30 Linen, 15 Coarse Thread 46-50 Linen Belt: 10 Linen, 5 Coarse Thread 51-60 Heavy Linen Gloves: 40 Linen, 10 Coarse Thread 61-65 Blue Linen Shirt: 20 Linen, 5 Coarse Thread, 5 Blue Dye 66-75 Reinforced Linen Cape: 40 Linen, 30 Coarse Thread 76-90 Bolt of Wool Cloth - 91-100 Woolen Cape: 30 Wool, 10 Fine Thread 101-110 Gray Woolen Shirt: 60 Wool, 10 Fine Thread, 10 Gray Dye 111-125 Double-Stitch Shoudlers: 135 Wool, 30 Fine Thread 126-145 Bolt of Silk Cloth - 146-155 Azure Silk Hood: 80 Silk, 10 Fine Thread, 20 Blue Dye 156-165 Dark Silk Shirt: 80 Silk, 10 Fine Thread, 20 Gray Dye 166-170 Silk Headband: 60 Silk, 10 Fine Thread 171-175 Formal White Shirt: 60 Silk, 5 Fine Thread, 10 Bleach 176-185 Bolt of Mageweave - 186-195 Azure Silk Cloak: 120 Silk, 20 Fine Thread, 20 Blue Dye 196-205 Crimson Silk Vest: 160 Silk, 20 Fine Thread, 20 Red Dye 206-215 Black Mageweave Legs: 100 Mageweave, 30 Silken Thread 216-225 White Bandit Mask: 50 Mageweave, 10 Heavy Silken Thread, 10 Bleach 226-230 Black Mageweave Gloves: 50 Mageweave, 10 Heavy Silken Thread 231-245 Black Mageweave Headband: 225 Mageweave, 30 Heavy Silken Thread 246-250 Tuxedo Shirt: 80 Mageweave, 10 Heavy Silken Thread TOTAL CLOTH (Based on prices you can reasonably expect to pay at AH. If you buy directly from other players, you can get much better deals.) 140 Linen (7 Stacks) = 2g 225 Wool (11+ Stacks) = 6g 560 Silk (28 Stacks) = 14g 505 Mageweave (25+ Stacks) = 25g TOTAL VENDOR GOODS 65 Coarse Thread = 6.5s 125 Fine Thread = 1.25g 30 Silken Thread = 1.5g 60 Heavy Silken Thread = 12g 20 Bleach = 5s 45 Blue Dye = 22.5s 30 Gray Die = 1g 20 Red Dye = 10s 10 Purple Dye = 2.5g Dark Silk Shirt Pattern: Darkshire, 11s White Bandit Mask Pattern: Drop, apprx. 75s Tuxedo Shirt Pattern: Ironforge, 50s Total Vendor Costs: 20 gold (not including discount or training) Total Cloth Costs: 47 gold Total Sell Value: 27 gold (This is what you would get from vendors for selling everything you make.) Cruxx Additions: sometimes you can get even more points from making bolts, so keep making them until it's grey. It's easy to replace the Dark Silk Shirt and White Bandit mask with any level equivalent pattern from the trainer. But I would heed to the other vendor patterns he recommends. They are the cheapest way to go. So here's my path after 250. I don't remember the exact numbers, so bear with me 1) Bolts of runecloth till grey 2) Runecloth belt (trainer pattern) till yellow (might be one more pattern in here, can't remember) 3) Brightcloth cloak to 295 (290-295 is yellow; I had to make 7 for 5 points) 4) Runecloth Headband to cap it off. I would recommend any Brightcloak or Runecloth pattern (usually pretty cheap in AH). They require runecloth, rune thread and gold bars or Ironweb spider silk, respectively. No other crazy mats.