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How much do we charge?

I knew this would be your first question!

our flat rate for one of our party-time dj's for 5-6 hours including transport time is 95 pound per night.

The only time this would fluctuate is if the party in question was over 10 miles away from leeds, or if the party required more dj interaction (for example) if you require are djs to be a pub quizmaster or seek a mix dj with knowledge of mixing specified genres such as speed garage, house music or hip hop you may be epected to pay a little more depending on the level of mix dj u requirep

but for standard birthdays and works partys in and around the area of leeds we offer you are flat rate of 95 pound per night all year round (excluding christmas and new year where prices can be arranged at our dissgession .

Do you have good equipment? There is nothing worse than a dj turning up at a function with poor quality, distorted sound coming from the DJ's speakers. On top of this, the music is too loud and you can't tell what the DJ is saying. we at partytime use only high-quality professional PA equipment. and the sound is crisp and clear. Is your equipment safe? Yes! All our equipment (including power leads) have been PAT tested by a certified electrician. What sort of music will be played at my function? what would u like!!!!! We play music with tremendous mass appeal, as well as requests from yourself and your guests. On the booking of the event you can indicate specific music requests and what styles of music you feel are appropriate or inappropriate for your function. We will use this information along with professional judgement in selecting music and honouring or declining requests on the night.

Will you keep my friends dancing all night? A lot of DJ's claim that the dancefloor will be packed all night if you choose them for your party. Whilst we have a lot of success in keeping people on the dancefloor choosing songs they want to dance to, sometimes, try as hard as we might, people just don't want to dance. As the old saying goes "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink!"

What if I request music that you do not have? Our music collection is quite large (over 14,000 tracks!) and does include the most commonly requested songs. However, if you let us know in advance on the booking form of a particular song or style you want us to play that we do not have, then every effort will be made to obtain that style or track for your function. If you have these songs in your own collection then you are more than welcome to bring these.

Can I e-mail you a playlist of songs? Of course. We often receive pages and pages of requests for parties and whilst we do our best to play them all, not all of the requests can be fullfilled. 4 hours of music works out at about 50-55 songs, include in that time any requests given by your guests as well as songs we may choose to play that 'fit the moment'.

What time will you arrive at my event? We normally arrive at least an hour before your function is due to start. Punctuality is our primary concern. Wherever possible I will make a special trip to the function room a few days before your event to assess any transport or access restrictions (roadworks, one way systems, etc.) there may be in place. If the function is to take place in the same room where you may be sitting down for a meal, I will try to arrange with the venue manager to arrive early morning (10-11am) and set up my equipment and return in the evening to start the disco.

Do you charge for a set-up time? There are no additional fees for set-up (apart from early set-up) or breakdown time.(which has never happened yet in 7 years)

When and how will the DJ want paying? If you wish to pay a deposit, payment by cash or cheque is acceptable. Cash is always expected on the night usually before any entertainment is due to begin. We only accept payment by cheque the week prior to your event.

What will the DJ wear? We pride ourselves in our appearance and will always wear smart clothes, usually trousers and a shirt. We will not turn up in scruffy jeans and trainers unlike some other DJs.

Do you charge a travel fee? The travel fee is included in the price you pay.

What if we want you to carry on after the agreed finishing time? You can book us beyond the agreed finish time. Extra time is charged by the hour, with 1 hour being the minimum. Extra hours before midnight are charged at 30 per hour and after midnight at 40 per hour. Please note that any extra hours are payable in advance and MUST be agreed with the venue manager beforehand. Many venues are only licensed until a certain time (usually midnight) but it is best to check in advance. What will the DJ need at the venue? We require at least 1 power point, and a stage area or an area set aside for us. What if you are already working on a date we need a DJ for? DISCOfever, whilst not being an agency uses a number of DJ's in the local area who we know, like us, also provide a professional service. We will always tell you who your DJ is and what is happening as well as provide contact details for them. We will never keep you in the dark!