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+++ Redo From Start +++ A Ponder Stibbons Fansite


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Welcome to +++Redo From Start+++, the (Un)Official Ponder Stibbons fansite! Here be fanfiction, and links, and images, and (one day) a fanlisting!

If your thought processes are running along the lines of 'ye gods, what does she think she's doing?', please visit the FAQ, and (with any luck), you'll emerge with knowledge! Mmmyes. Or you might get lost in L-space for ians and have to eat your own boots...but I'm sure that won't happen. *shifty eyes*

The Library is a collection of Ponder-related works, including fanfiction and the odd essay. For your comfort and convenience YOU WILL NOT SMOKE. The Librarian is quite adamant about that, I'm afraid.

The Gallery is iconographs and portraits of Ponder et all, largely by the wonderful Paul Kidby.

+++Coming Soon+++
HEX - a catalogue of every single reference to Ponder in every single Discworld book! This will take a LONG time to complete, so please, bear with me!