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Name: Xernan Bartolome

Nickname: Nan

Birthday: March 08, 1985

Age: 18

Address: 18 Bunga Mayor Bustos Bulacan

Hobbies: Billiards, net gaming, net surfing, video games

Likes: I like girls; I like friendly, thoughtful and smart friends

Dislikes: Braggars, scumbags, messy places

Favorite singer: Vertical Horizon, Matchbox 20, REM

Ambition, why? To be a successful CPA - Lawyer

Where are your hangouts? Home, school, mall, cyber cafe

What are you fun of doing when you’re with your friends?

What is your most unforgettable experience?

What is your greatest achievement? I am working on it

What is your greatest frustration? Maybe ma-reject

Motto: Live everyday of your life as your last.