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Business is Business

By: Carmela de Jesus

   Today our society has become complicated, and so have our business trends and practices. Today we have graduated into the use of man-made “brains” but more on the technological facilities. We are all living in a business world – a fast changing world where each and everyone plays an important role, where businesses, professions, and employments are indispensable. Today mere acquaintance with the traditional way of gaining profit is no longer suffices. What is essentials now is working knowledge of different skills and principles.

             With that of the facilities and machineries, business came to exist because of the help and conveniences that they’ve been imparting to us. Here in our country the people yet conquer the roles of those facilities. Many are still very reliable to its conveniences. Hence, we are not slaves of the machines. We must have mastery over them by showing a high degree of professionalism.

            Business is not just a business by its nature but a well-gained profession the assists and support not only the people involved but with that of the economy. Through the years it has been the businessmen, workers, employees, and investors that open the opportunity for our country, which will give birth to economic development like infrastructure, public works and highways, transportation, and communication and at the same time our social development that includes health services, social welfare and program implementing housing concern

            Through business there were a lot of field related to it had created a big bang in our economy for instance those banks which finance the business they are the ones responsible for lending funds to the establishments and operations either small or large business enterprises. In addition, because of the money the was lent by the bank  many people are capable of creating business which will add up to the economic growth of our country.