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Seperate Guilds:

Greetings friend, you have made a wise choice to make a treaty with the mighty Shadow guild, but thou must agree to terms of course. Please read the Constitution of The Shadows Backbone before requesting a treaty with us, if you don't share the same views you are just about as much as a friend as a foe. Making an alliance with us allows free passage throughout the Shadow borders and lands, although it isn't recommended to come into the castle since it is full of thieves. We will recieve the same from you, being able to freely venture throughout your lands. During Sieges we will ask of your assistance while taking on a larger guild to protect our borders and citizens, we will give you the same service during tides of war.

But there has to be more to an alliance than simply serious diplomacy, us at the Shadow guild like to have fun, we like to host gladiator tournaments within the walls of our city that offer rewards to the winning team.

Meetings between each guilds King and High council(s) must happen to discuss kingdom matters each week unless discussed otherwise, this keeps both guilds informed of eachothers actions.

Stealing or encouraging of the opposite guilds members to convert to your own is strictly prohibited and will not go unpunished. If this is reported to the King of the Shadow Guild the treaty between nations will be broken and war will break out.


Sub-Guilds within the Shadow Guild that choose to be run by their own rule are prohibited from some duties as a regular member of the Shadow Guild. It will be up to the Sub-Guild to pay an annual fee of however many GC depending upon the size. This GC will go towards paying for the town, if the annual fee is not paid without good reason, the sub-guild will be kicked out of the walls of the castle.

Since sub-guilds will have their own leader they are required to organzie, hold their own meetings, and so on. The sub-guild will ultimately be ruled upon by King Vlad and his wife Queen Nea. As long as you are withing the King and Queens castle walls you will fallow the shadow rules.

Any sub-guild member caught stealing from a Shadow guild member will be removed from the city. Any member caught stealing from King Vlad or Queen Nea will reflect the actions of the sub-guild, thus meaning everyone from teh sub-guild will be banished and killed.