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This section will cover how The Shadows Backbone is run, basically a more in depth version of the Constitution.

I will start by discussing the PvP rules of The Shadows Backbone. We do not promote random killings unless they are an unauthorized adventurer within our border restriction. Other killings such as solving a grudge is fine as long as both players are aware of whats happening. All members of The Shadows Backbone are expected to give their lives to protect fellow Citizens and especially their King and Queen.

The high council will do the decision making within the guild rather than the King and Queen. They will report their decisions to the King where he will make a log of the decision. The High Council is also required to lay down law to Citizens within the castle and enforce such laws.

Bowing before your King and Queen is necessary if seen withing the castle walls, this shows your gratitude towards their rule. Donations of Gold Coins (GC) will not go un-noticed since they will go directly towards the City which benefits not only yourself, but everyone else. Taxes are implied depending upon the number of citizens living within the walls.

All Shadows Guild members are on a guild priority basis, which basically means that if the guild needs you, you will drop what your doing and come to the call of duty. Sieging of other nations cities will be on a regular basis in which all members are expected to attend to fight in their Kings name unless instructed, or informed otherwise.

Members of the Shadows Guild are required to do patrols of the borders of the nation, this can simply be as easy as going hunting with 1 other members, not only are you keeping busy, but your helping protect your home.

All members of the guild are needed to play a Thief or Magician/Wizard/Mage or whatever else you prefer to call it, aswell as Minotaurs. The thieves of the guild will be the primary source of economy for the Castle, keeping a steady flow of money and items for trade. Wizards will be expected to be support the mighty Minotaur wave during a siege, casting spells on our own, and against the enemy. The Minotaur race will be the muscle and brute of The Shadow Guild, depending upon them to be the tip of the spear during a siege and in Gladitorial events. Any race is accepted that can wield such power as a Thief or a Mage (You can be any race that can possibly be a Thief or Magician). Also any discipline is accepted into the guild that will be of benefit to us.

For further information regarding in depth Siege/Border/Patrol information please be directed to the constitution page.


King Vlad