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Ruling Status:

The Shadows Backbone is governed by the decisions of an Oligarchy which means the Guild is run by a family, In our case a King and Queen and the words of The High Council. These disputes decided by the high council are recorded here for the benefit of the Shadow, its Allies, and its Enemies.


Criminals caught withing the gates of King Vlad the Impaler's castle shrouded in darkness will be killed on sight without any objections. A person caught stealing from the empire will be treated no better than that of an enemy of King Vlad himself.

War: So as King Vlad, leader of Shadows backbone, I hereby set down that Shadows backbone cannot and will not cooperate with any such empire that wishses now or in the future peace on the world. The Shadows Backbone will also not bow to the demands of any empire now or in the future, and will oppose the any empire which opposes our views, whenever and wherever The Shadow deems necessary to protect its own interests it will be necessary

We are not your friends.

We think of war, and I call upon my war banners. Let those who answer this call to arms stand tall and proud, forever known as brothers of Vlad himeself, bound to the darkness which fills their blood they shed in its realization. Let those who quailed before King Vlad take this opportunity to look upon our glorious Father Vlad from within the borders of their own lands, left in ruins in our wrath.


With ever growing tension upon the world of Death, borders must be deemed necessary to keep those of the Shadows Backbone safe and in full protection under King Vlad the black heart name. The Shadows Backbone will dispurse border watch fortresses to watch guild activity in teh sector. Any guild that wishes to pass our borders is deemed a potential enemy in which they will be declared war upon and crushed.

Alliances: Those that wish alliances with King Vlad's Castle will send a carrier pigeon(email) to his address in which discussion of terms of an alliance will be discussed. Those which are truely black and ruthless at heart are those of which are friends rather then foes of Vlad. Personally Signed, King Vlad the Impaler