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The Introduction of VAR Company

The newspaper ads scream out prices, MHz, ATA-100, DDR, XGA. Do you know what these buzzwords really mean? Does anyone? The PC may be the single most important tool for researchers and executives, but because it is purchased in a camera store or discount food warehouse it is often treated as a commodity item.

First the good news.  There are no bad Personal Computer systems.  The least powerful system available today is better than the most expensive system of a few years ago. High quality components are produced in such large numbers at such low prices, that there is no profit building substandard systems. The bad news is that the process doesn't stop, and the most expensive or most powerful system you buy today will be obsolete next year.

If you want to know how a PC works and what all this jargon means, this article will answer your questions. No technical background is assumed, and even very complex issues will be explained in terms that everyone can understand.



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