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Playstation Rosters Making Progress(Basic HTML is Being Laid Out)!

Stats and Ratings on Players for the 2005 Ncaa Football Season

1. Just download to a folder of your liking and then unzip the files.
2. From there its easier if you copy the dynasty save.
3. Then paste it into the datel folder that says saves( click here to view its contents and to paste the save).
4. From here it is simple, simply restore the save using X-Port.

Features of the Pre-Ncaa 2005 Roster

1. All Seniors and Juniors taken in the draft have been removed.
2. Clarett and Williams are not there
3. Key sophomores and juniors have been added
4. Edited ratings for sophomores, juniors, seniors, and certain teams (who improved their records significantly)
5. The top 200 incoming frosh in the nation have been meticously recreated, with accurate skills, height, weight, skin tone, team, position, handedness, and in special cases have the number and accessories they wore in high school.
6. All incoming frosh on each team have accurate names, heights, weights, and for the most part the position and skill level that they played in high school.
7. It is already set, so all you have to do is get to the option where you select your coach, and pick from the 117 DI schools (note you cannot be a DII school, the game's restrictions simply wont allow me to do this).
8. I will also be posting very accurate madden draft rosters along with this, b/c clearly it doesnt get much better than this.

1. Ncaa 2005 Dynasty
2. Madden 2005 Draft Class

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