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Ralph Fiennes talks about Dan Radcliffe

In a recent interview, Voldemort actor Ralph Fiennes talks about Daniel Radcliffe's attitude and role in the Harry Potter movies:
"He's just a charming young man, very helpful. I think it must be very difficult for young actors when they are part of this incredible franchise, and there's such pressure and exposure, and certainly Daniel seems to be keeping it together. He's just a very charming person. I'm sure any of you can imagine that a young person can be affected very negatively by that, but he's a very good actor on the set. He does very well in the studio."

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Quidditch world Cup Photo released! 

For all of you fans out there who think the movie Is taking too long Warner brothers has released another photo. This photo is of the world cup tents. Click the thumbnail to the right for a larger version

The Scotsman is reporting that a Sun news reporter was in the middle of a deal to buy a stolen copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince when shots were fired and police became involved.

A police spokesman said, "Northamptonshire Police were called with information that a person was attempting to sell a copy of the new Harry Potter novel and that the person was in possession of firearms." He also stated that two men, aged 37 and 19, were arrested and that "two books were recovered and they are currently being held in secure circumstances as evidence by Northamptonshire Police."

A spokesman for The Sun later said, "The newspaper was approached by someone claiming to have a copy of the new Harry Potter book. A reporter and photographer from The Sun met with two men with the intention of obtaining the book so it could be returned to the publisher and the police could be informed."