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Wizard Publications

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At this page you will find some wizard-related publications available for download.

Name Size (in kilobytes) Description


OL-faq.pdf 196 Organizer Link 4 FAQ
OL-manual.pdf 992 Organizer Link 4 Manual
OZ-730 and OZ-750 Operation Manual.pdf 580 Operating Instructions for the OZ-730 and OZ-750 models
OZ-770 Operation Manual.pdf 490 Operating Instructions for the OZ-770 model
Troubleshooting failing pc link connection.pdf 70 Serial Port conenction troubleshooting
Tech Specs LH28F016SCT-L95.pdf 2121 This PDF-file is the tech specs of the little memory chip "LH28F016SCT-L95" that is the 2MB chip put in the wizards. 
Zilog Z80 Family User Manual.pdf 2078 The manual for the Z80 processor, which is the processor of the wizards.
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