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Songs & Poetry
My songs:

Despedida en Si menor

A new life

Since you are gone

On my sleeve

Un dia mas

Before you click on one of my songs...

you should know that even though I call them my "poetry", these links you see on the left are primary lyrics of songs I have written during the last several years. Most of them have been recorded either by the rock bands I have been part of (using old school demotapes and live recordings), or by myself using my PC, my guitars, cables, mics and bla, bla, bla... Some other lyrics are still in my head, in my notepad, or now in this website, but the music I wrote for them are not yet traslated to any hardcopy (CD,s, mp3, demotape, whatever).

As you are about to see (or to read in this case), some of my lyrics are written in Spanish, my first language, (these ones are my old songs, they are 2 or more years old). Some others songs are written in the English language (Obviously these are my "newest" songs)

In italic letters I try to provide some data about how, when, where and why I wrote every song, as I try to guide you through the complex process of understanding me and my lyrics (which many times not even me "my own personal ego self" is able to achieve).

I am talking too much now, go ahead and have fun trying to catch my thoughts...(in other words, you may start clicking and reading my lyrics).