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It is so good being able to shout your feelings out

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On my sleeve

Written recently, this one is a fast piece of rock music that allowed me to shout out loud what I could not tell anybody. I had my reasons to not say a word about my feelings for this girl, and that fact was killing me inside. I felt like tearing apart every song I wrote during this difficult time, but this one survived my impulses. So this song was my escape from my "innerself", and it tells about what I wanted to say and do... and taught me a lesson that I had forgotten: it is a good thing being able to shout feelings and emotions out... so here it is, a simple personal story which led to a hit song that rocks big time .

So empty was my life, couln'd feel nothing real
very soon I realized that never find you was my fear
I reach out my hand, cause you're right there
but then something wakes me up again...

Hunting you high and low, but you never showed yourself up
I filled my life with passions that came and soon were gone
and just then at the very moment
when you're not expected any longer
you appear into my world
and hit me with your best shot...

And now you'll find out how much alive you make me feel
for you I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve...
we'll be reborn when you let me drink from your lips
for you I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve...

And now you'll find out...

Music & lyrics by Oscar Polar