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Thoughts of our future

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A New Life

About the mission of a starship commander and a handfull of daring followers, trying to escape from the dying planet Earth, intoxicated and almost destroyed by the human race. They go into deep space looking for a better place to start "a new life" and hoping their children will grow and live in peace. But at the end they realize there is no other place... I am not sure how I came up with this topic for a song. Maybe I was saturated of so many Sci-Fi movies at that time. This one was written during 2001, as I was trying to get songs for a heavy rock band that is still in my head. .

...Many years have passed by since the big explosion
and this planet ain't the same...
we are facing our end, the extintion of the Earth...
now my quest begins, looking for some peace
so, so far from here...

Creation of this nuclear modern time
take me to where everything is fine...

Other world I will find,
thousand stars they are my guiding lights
with no stop until I see that new home
where our children will grow up...
and their wisdom will be grand,
no emotionless, no the same mistakes
a new life for all of us begins...
for all of us begins...

As I go on so fast
beyond all the stars,
through this everlasting universe,
I realize our world is only one
and we are losing it forever...

Then I'm coming back,
there's no hope outside this land
and right here we'll rise or die
fate's in our hands now...

Music & lyrics by Oscar Polar