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Thursday 6th November, 2003
Man, it's been a week since I've blogged. I've been really busy, no time at all. I really want Mr. Sigamoney to just fucking DIE. He's the most screwed up teacher I have met. He's been really angry lately, his wife must have left him or something. Not that I blame her.

A few weeks ago my sister had an assignment where she had to make a website about the Internet. She didn't know how so I made the whole bloody thing for her. And Mum only paid me $4 for doing it. 4 measly dollars! Anyway, yesterday my sister came home from school and was all like, I got first prize for my website! I got first prize! She had a box of scorched almonds. And after all my hard work, she only gave me 5 or something. So I spat on her.

I got all Excellences on my Business Studies test! I thought I had done really badly, but when I got it back I was like, YEAH BABY! :D I studied really hard for that test. My friend Anna doesn't like him though, 'cause he gave her a merit. I think that's pretty unfair, he's a really cool teacher. I've gotten heaps of merits from him for assignments but I still like him. Oh well, to each his own, I guess. Or is it each to his own? Ah, who cares. Oh yeah, the You section is up, but all that's in there is one wallpaper. I'll work on it when I get time.

Thursday 30th October, 2003
Finished reading Holes for the second time in school today. I gave the book for Jay to read, I think she's hooked now, :P. Everything in the Girl section is now up! Edith told me she's stopping her blog 'cause she can't be bothered updating it.

Ugh, I've got the stupidest assignment for English - I have to produce a formal report about Travel. Luckily, it's in pairs so the workload is shared evenly. Even so, we aren't doing ANY revision during class for the exams. Mr Sigamoney has got to be the most crap-assed teacher anyone could have.

I caught the bus with Anna today. It seems like I haven't talked to her in ages...she just doesn't seem to be there anymore. She's always studying - I think she's going to get the all-rounder prize at the end of the year. She's the perfect child, she's healthy all over. Yick, mum's yelling, gotta get off.

Wednesday 29th October, 2003
I have the biggest fucking headache. The sun is getting really hot here. Came home and ate nachos and started rereading Holes. The movie is coming out tomorrow, so naturally I wanted to see it in the weekend. But turns out I'm not allowed to go out anywhere till exams are over. I got annoyed at that and started whining to my mum. Naturally, she didn't change her mind. And naturally, I walked off in a huff. Bloody exams.

Monday 27th October, 2003
Brinkster. Sucks. So. Much. Ass.

Dear Brinkster Customer (audreyog),
For the past four years Brinkster has provided free web hosting without displaying ads on customer's web sites. In order to continue to provide you with quality free web hosting the following change will be made. Starting October 24, 2003 you will start to see advertising on your free web site.

Sunday 26th October, 2003
I believe that nobody is reading this, 'cause I just set the site up. And the only page that is actually up is this one. Mum is screaming at me to get off the computer and start studying. STUDYING. On Sunday. ARGHH! She does have a point though...exams are just around the corner. It just pisses me off.

At least tomorrow is Labour Day. No school, so I can just laze around. Hopefully. Oh screw that idea, I'll have to study *sobs*.

Haha, I just remembered this stupid TV show that's on in the mornings for little kids. Blue Bear in a big house or some crappy name like that. He always says 'Oh oh! I think I'm getting that happy feeling again! Yes! It is! It's the bear cha-cha-cha!' Then he starts singing a stupid song. Don't ask me why I was watching this.


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