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DRO The Next Generation of Ragnarok


Installation Guide




[Not Implemented]

link to current ip


          Welcome To zRO           


Admin's Message:
     Dear everyone. This is Zendo. New Server Coming Out.
     This not going to be a dedicated server till the testing is complete meaning it might be down for days or weeks  and up      again. Just follow the fucking rules and don't try to take advantage of this      new server. [Admin] 5/21/04

Server Rules: 
     Instant Ban:

          Use of Glitch or Bug
          Multiple Accounts
          Misuse of Registration
     Kick: [3 kicks = ban]
          Spamming or Spell Spamming    
          Advertising other Sites
          Inappropriate Language

Server Status:


GM-Team Contact Info:
     Zendo The Man
          AIM: Aim: JUZUTO1
     Jason The Man
          Aim: NeoDBZQB

     kRO Install - Mirrors: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |
     kRO Sakray - Mirrors: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |
     zRO Data v3
     zRO Data Add-On
     Ultimate Weapons Patch v2
     zRO Client v3  
Install Instructions:
     New Installation Guide
     ~Remember to Patch Up.

Registration Instructions:
     1. After following the steps above, get to the username/password screen.
     2. For your username, put what you would want your username to be with a _M or _F after it  (male or female)
     3. Input your password in the password box and then press enter (or click the OK button).
     4. The next time(s) you log in, dont use the _M or _F, just use your base username (ie. bobette).

     Where's Waldo? =D

zRO is owned and maintained by Zendo. [Version 3-Jason]