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The Yule Ball

Welcome to the Yule Ball the Yule Ball is a beginning event for the Triwizard Tournament. The date of the Yule Ball is June 12. Once the winners are chosen, the date of the Yule Ball will be set.

All Years May Attend!

Guys! Ask any girl that you can. Girls, the same goes for you. The reason for this is because people who come to the ball are liable to be picked out of a drawing. As soon as you come in, your name and your dates name will be put in the basket. The winner of the drawing gets 50 points added to his/her house and their date gets 25 points added onto theirs.

Yule Ball Wear Need an outfit for the Yule Ball? Go to Madam Malkin's

You need to dress up for the Yule Ball to be able to attend. If not, then you can just count the petals on a flower while we are having fun just because you didn't have time to go buy an outfit for the Yule Ball!

Teachers may ask other Professors and are allowed to attend if they want, even if they dont have a Yule Ball Robe. Professors may NOT ask a student to go with them. I want to ,maintain the peacefulness and harmony of my students and teachers. 1