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Welcome to the Library


Welcome to the Library! We have a few books, but we plan to get more! The books we have include...
Curses and Counter Curses by Vindictus Viridian | The book of Transfigurations | Magical Flord of HP | Spells of HP

We plan to receive from Florish and Blotts...
  1. Standard Book of Spells
  2. Gildory Lockhart- Special Edition
  3. The Dark Forces- A Guide to Self Protection
  4. The Beginners Guide to Transfiguration
  5. many more!!!

Curses & Counter Curses by:Vindictus Viridian

Chapter 1 Simple Jinxes
"Caput Pepo" Pumpkin-head jinx. Encases a persons head in a pumpkin.

"Locomotor Mortis" Leg-locker jinx

"Langlock" tounge-tying jinx

"Moblio Instablo" jelly leg jinx

Filipendo" Knock-back jinx- blats objects or animals backwards

"Foliatus" Foliose jinx. COvers someone in leaves, turns their hair to grass and causes twigs to sprout om them

Chapter 2 Counter Curses

"Locomotor Vertis" leg-locker counter curse

"Mobilo Stablo" Jelly-legs counter curse

"Autumnis" rverses the foliose jinx

"Finite Incantatem" May reverse minor hexes

"Caput Reverso" Stops the pumpkin head jinx

The Book of Transfiguration

Chapter 1
"Vera Verto" turns an animal to a goblet

"Chromavertis"color-changing spell

"Engorgio" engorgement charm

"aqua a vinis" water to win spell

Chapter 2

"purifaris" purifies dirty water

"avisfors" turns an animal into a bird

"vice versa" switching spell

Chapter 3-Advanced Spells

"Aurbofors" turns something into a tree

"serpencapelli" turns someones hair into snakes. The medusa curse

"evanesco" vanishing charm

"caput majoris" big-head jinx jinx

"caput minoris" reverses big-head jinx

"quillafortis" winged charm. Makes something grow wings

Magical Flord of HP

Devils Snare-

Resembles a mass of dark, damp, and rubbery tendrills. Devil's Snare binds a victim and constricts it until it's dead. The harder one struggles against it, the tighter it binds you.

Devils Snare likes, dark, damp places so the best way to kill it is to light a fire. The following spells can be used agaisnt the devils snare
  • "incendio"- scorches the plant
  • "relashio"-loosen the devil's snare tendrills
  • "lumos"-lighten up the dark, and blind it

Madrake- (a.k.a Mandragora) is a powerful restorative used to return people who have been transfiguration or cursed to there original state. The mandrake forms an essential part in most antidotes. It is also dangerous though, the cry of the mandrake is fatal to anyone who hears it. The mandrake has purplish-green leaves and instead of roots has a pale green human. As a seedling, the Mandrakes root appears as a deformed mottled baby with pale green skin. The mandrake seedlings cry isnt fatal, but can knock one out for several hours. A silencing charm can be placed on the Mandrake for safety.

Venemous TentaculaA spikey, dard red plant composed of think vines. The Venemous Tentacula is venemous and should be avoided. After hatching from its seed it starts teething. An opening in the middle of the plant which is lined with a row of teeth, releases its seeds. Venemous Tentacula seeds are large, spikey and black. THey are round and about 10 inches long. The seeds are obviously poisonous

Bubotuber is a strange plant which resembles a think black slug growing vertically out of soil. Bubotuber pus isn't poisonous, but caused terrible boils to erupt if it has contact with skin. The pus is a greensh yellow, thick and extremely valuable. The pus smells of petrol. The pus is an excellent rememdy of acne.

Gurdyroot is a tuber with resembles a green onion is great for warding off pesky plimpies

Horklumps are fleshy pink mushrooms covered in wiry black vristles. Hocklumps spread tentacles rather then roots. A horklump is often seen as a pest since it cover gardens in a matter of days.

Mimbulus Mimbletonia- A cactus-like plant with red spots instead of stuckers. This plant protects stinksap which is dark green, and smells like rancid manure. Lukily stinksap isn't poisonous. The Mimbulus Mimbletonia is very rare and is found only in Assyria.

Spells of HP

Book 1
Alohomora- unlocks doors
Wingardium Leviosa-levitation charm
locomotor mortis-leg locker curse
pertificus totalus-full body bind

Book 2
Aparecium-reveals invisable ink
expelliarmus- disarming spell
rictusempra- tickling charm
tarantalegra-dancing charm
finite incantatem- stops more then one spell
finite- stops one spell
serpensortia- conjures a snake
oblivate-memory charm

Book 3
mobilicorpus- moves a corpse/unconsious body
expectro patronum- creates a patronus
mobiliarbus- moves a tree
impervius- water-proof charm
ferula-bandages an injury
waddiwasi- makes a wad shoot into the air

Book 4crucio- cruciable unforgivable curse
avada kadavra- killing curse
imperius- imperial curse
accio-summoning charm
engorgio-engorgement charm
deletrius- deleting charm
point me- 4 point charm
nox- stops the lumos spell
reparo- fixing charm
incendio- fire charm
impedimenta- impediment jinx
stupefy-stunning spell
enervate- revives a stunned person
sonorus- loudens your voice
relashio- blasts something out of the way
quietus- lowers ones voice
avis- conjures a flock of birds
reducto-reductor curse
prior incantato- makes a wand cast the last spell it has used
orchideous- conjureds a bunch of flowers
diffindo-splitting charm(rips bags, covers off of books, etc.)
reducio-reduction charm
densawgio- beaver teeth jinx
fernunculus- inflicts boils on a victim

Book 5
evaneso- vanishing spell
colloportus- door locking spell
protego- shield charm
scourgify- cleaning charm
pack- packing spell
locomotor (object)- locomotion spell
silencio- silencing charm
incarcerous- conjured ropes that bind a foe
oblittero- oblitteration charm
flagrate-fire writing spell

Book 6
Episky-healing spell. Heals cuts and minor injuries
anapneo- clears an airway to stop choking
levicorpus- hangs someone upside-down by their ankles
libracorpus- counter curse for the libracorpus spell
tergeo- siphones off dry blood
specialis revelio- reveals hidden information from a book, the contents in a potion, etc.
muffliato- makes someone go deaf for a minute
langlock- makes someones tongue stick to the roof of their mouth
sectumsempra- causes the enemy to be slashed as if by an invisable sword
aguamenti- conjures water from the tip of the wand
rennervate- revives an unconsious victim.